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News filter page template

Use the news filter page template to show a subset of news items with particular tags – for example, stories tagged ‘Research’.

To use the news filter page template, you must also have a news page on your site where you publish news items.

  1. Go to the parent page under which you want to add the news filter page.

  2. Select Edit > Create a new page:

    The SiteBuilder 'Edit' menu, with the 'Create a new page' option highlighted
  3. In the Change page template section, select Change and choose the News filter page template:

    The 'Change page template' section of the 'Create new page' screen, with the 'Change' button and 'News filter' page template option highlighted

  4. The News filter page settings appear:

    The Filter page options

  5. In the News URL box, enter the path of the news page you want to use as the filter source. This is the part of the URL after Alternatively, use the Find a page button to locate a news page on your site.

  6. Specify which Tags to show on the filter page by enering them in the box, separated by commas.

    Tip: If one of the tags you want to use contains a comma, enter a backslash before the comma. For example, to include a filter named "Me, Myself and I", enter Me\, myself and I.

    Alternatively, use the Choose tags button to select from the tags that are present on the source news page.

  7. In the box, enter the Number of recent items to display. If you enter a value of 0, the filter page will use the number set on the source news page.

  8. Select the Display format for the filter page:

    • List: News articles will be displayed in a list:

      A news filter page in list format

    • Tiles: Items will be displayed as tiles, with thumbnail images at the top:

      A news filter page in tiles format

  9. Define the rest of the page properties.

  10. Select Create new page.

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