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Expire a news item

You can specify a date and time to automatically delete a news item in the future.

This article explains how to set an existing news item to expire. For details on how to enable this setting when creating a new item, see Publish a news item.

  1. Go to your news page.

  2. Locate the item you want to expire and select the Edit button:

    A news item in List view, with the 'Edit' button highlighted

  3. Select the Expire news item after a certain date/time checkbox:

    The bottom of an edited news item, with the 'Expire news item...' checkbox highlighted

  4. Use the date picker that appears to select when you want the news item to be deleted:

    The bottom of the 'Edit news item' screen, with the 'Expire news item...' checkbox selected, and the date picker displayed

  5. Select Save changes.

    Important: When a news item expires, the item – and associated detail page, if there is one – are deleted. If you need to retain the news item for reference, make a copy of the content in another location before you set the expiry date.

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