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Create a resource bookings page

Use the Bookings page template to enable people to book resources via your website – for example, a room, certain equipment, or an appointment with a staff member.

A Resource bookings page with a single resource set to 1-hour slots

Note: You cannot change a bookings page to another template after it's created, so before converting an existing page to the bookings template, be sure you don't need any of the existing content; you will not be able to revert to the old page.

  1. Go to the page under which you want to create the bookings page.

  2. Go to Edit > Create a new page. You need edit or admin permissions on the parent page.

  3. Select the Change button to expand the options, then select the Bookings page template.

    The 'Create new page' screen with the'Change' button and Bookings template highlighted

  4. Enter the URL, Page heading, Title bar caption, and Link caption. For a description of these properties, see the guidance on how to create a new blank page.

  5. Enter the Keywords and Page contact.

  6. When you have finished editing the page properties, select Create new page.

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