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Export bookings as a CSV file

You can generate a report of all bookings on a page, or bookings for a particular resource, between two dates and download the report as a CSV file. To do so, you must have edit or admin permissions for the resource bookings page.

  1. Go to your bookings page.
  2. Select Manage resources > View reports and export bookings:

    The 'Manage resources' menu with the 'View reports and export bookings' option highlighted

  3. Choose a resource in the Report for drop-down list. Alternatively, to include all resources in the report, select All resources.
  4. Specify the report's Start time and End time.
  5. Select Run report. You should now see a report of all bookings for the specified resources between your chosen times. Select a user's name from the list to open a draft email to them.
  6. Select the CSV link to download the report and open it in your spreadsheet program:

    A Resource Bookings report with the CSV download link highlighted

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