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Add or remove periods of unavailability

You can specify a single or repeating period when a resource is not available to book.

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Add a period of unavailability

  1. Browse to your bookings page.
  2. Go to Manage resources > Add period of unavailability.

    The 'Manage resources' menu with the option to 'Add period of unavailability' highlighted

  3. Choose the resource in the Creating a period of unavailability for drop-down list:

    Create a period of unavailability

  4. Specify the date and time when the resource is unavailable using the From and To fields. The To date is not inclusive and therefore represents the earliest time the resource is bookable. For example, to make a resource unavailable between 9.00-12.00, set the start time as 9.00 and the end time as 12.00.
  5. Optionally, enter a Note to explain why the resource is unavailable.

  6. To repeat this period of unavailability, choose the recurrence from the Repeats drop-down list.

    Tip: When adding a long period of unavailability, say one month, rather than specifying a single month-long period with the From and To dates, it may be better to create a one-day period at the start of the month – and repeat it daily until the end of the month. You can then remove single days of unavailability as necessary in the future, without affecting the rest of the blocked-out unavailability.
  7. Once you've finished adding the details, select Mark as unavailable.
  8. When someone visits your bookings page, they cannot book the resource during the period you specified. If you chose to enter a note in step 5 above, they can select the the Details of unavailability button to view it.

    A period of unavailability in the resource calendar with the 'Details of unavailability' button highlighted

Remove a period of unavailability

  1. Browse to your bookings page.
  2. Locate the period of unavailability, then select the Delete button:

    A  period of unavailability with the Delete button highlighted

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