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Request a new site

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Note: We don't provide students with SiteBuilder access for personal home pages.

Request a new site for an academic department or service

New sites can inherit the look of the parent department or service or, if required, have a new look. To see what options are available, and to request a new site, please visit our web design pages.

If you need any help or have questions about submitting the site design request form, please email .

We also recommend familiarising yourself with SiteBuilder first with some training.

Request a new page in an existing site

To create a page or section (for a new research group or student project, say) within an existing academic department's or service's site, contact the owner of the page where you want to create your page(s). The owner is shown at the bottom left of any page – select the page owner's name to send them an email:

The footer of a SiteBuilder page, with the page contact link highlighted

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