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SiteBuilder release notes

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SiteBuilder 2.578 released

We released SiteBuilder version 2.578 on Wednesday 10th April 2024. Changes in this update include:

  • New feature: Multi feed component. This new addition to the Components Editor adds a feed to your page which can combine news, events and other items from up to 10 sources, including RSS feeds.
  • New feature: Bulk convert pages to the Components Editor. Site admins can now quickly convert large numbers of simple pages in a single batch.
  • Item filter page template: The Tags filter section can now be positioned at the top of the page via the Tag filter position drop-down list in the page properties. Additionally, visitors to Item filter pages can collapse the tags list by selecting the Hide filters button on the published page.
  • The Current Page tab now displays a banner to alert editors of any automatically-detected accessibility issues. Note: Not all accessibility issues can be detected automatically, and we recommend manually checking page content for issues - see our accessibility checklist.
  • Old visual editor pages which use .gif files for icons should now display correctly after conversion to the Components Editor.
  • Page contact emails are now sent in HTML format, which improves how these display in Outlook.

Technical notes

Bugs fixed

  • [SBTWO-10971] - Conversion issue when GIF of PDF icon is wrapped inside <a> tags
  • [SBTWO-11651] - Multi-feed: tag filtering not honoured when RSS URL of news page is included
  • [SBTWO-11662] - Displaying social media sharing icons in multi-feed should honour source page's properties/permissions

Improvements made

  • [SBTWO-10777] - Flag accessibility issues more prominently in the SiteBuilder UI
  • [SBTWO-11474] - Item filter: make tags section collapsible and have top position option

Tasks completed

  • [SBTWO-10784] - Disable XXE in all XML processors
  • [SBTWO-11704] - Email page contact emails -> HTML
Thu 11 Apr 2024, 10:31