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What We Do

Warwick Library has two dedicated postgraduate spaces: the PG Hub and the Wolfson Research Exchange. These spaces and their team are dedicated to providing support, facilities and development opportunities for our postgraduate community.


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As a postgrad at Warwick, you are part of a vibrant community, which is distinguished by the individual background, culture and experience of each member. During your time here, you’ll develop friendships and work with colleagues within your department and additionally across the university – we facilitate these connections by providing spaces and organising events where you can socialise, work, collaborate and run student-led activities and workshops – such as the Postgrad Hub, Wolfson Research Exchange, The Graduate and more. This is complemented by our virtual resources and conversations which can be found through our websites and social media presence.

Across the university, we focus on three key aspects to enhance your experience while undertaking your Postgrad career:

  • Community – Building on the rich cultural and intellectual diversity across campus, we organise a blend of social and cultural events during the year to enable you to form connections and friendships throughout your studies.
  • Celebration – Throughout the year, we take particular moments to celebrate your achievements and the milestones you will cross during your academic journey.
  • Collegiality – Often you will benefit most from the advice and support of those who are at a similar stage in their study, or who have just preceded you; we provide particular encouragement on peer-to-peer sessions, reading groups, discussion fora and so on, which will provide you with extra insight and support.

We are keen to hear from you and value your feedback. Come along to one of our events and say hello!

Our Spaces

The Postgraduate Hub (PG Hub)

The PG Hub is the centre of postgraduate life at Warwick. We are a dedicated space for postgrads, enabling them to access support, work in a collaborative environment and socialise with peers. There are bookable rooms for group work with presentation facilities, as well as a relaxation room for chill out time. The Hub is host to regular skills workshops, as well as wellbeing and cultural events.

The Wolfson Research Exchange (REx)

The REx is a space for all Warwick researchers. Not only does it function as a space for study and group work, but it provides a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration. It is host to symposiums, conferences, networking and other research-focused events.


We want to ensure that you are supported in all areas of your postgraduate life at Warwick. We host regular events so that you can take a break from your study and chat with other postgrads. There is a relaxation room in the PG Hub, equipped with music, bean bags & games to help you de-stress. We also work with other services, such as the SU and Wellbeing Support, to hold drop-in sessions, well-being workshops and social events.

We also provide skills workshops to support your studies. These include sessions from the RSSP & MSP, library skills workshops with our Academic Support Librarians and peer-to-peer workshops with current postgraduates. On Track runs through the summer to support your academic development and research & help you maintain your work-life balance.

Find out more about support services for postgraduates.


Connect with us online to receive updates on postgraduate and researcher life at Warwick. We monitor our social media Mon-Fri, 9.00am-4.30pm and would love to hear from you. Please get in touch if you would like any postgraduate news or events publicised.

The PG Hub

Twitter: @WarwickPGHub, Facebook:

The Research Exchange

Twitter: @ResearchEx, Facebook:


This blog gives helpful study tips, flags up useful Library services and reflects on Library life at Warwick.

An insight to research at Warwick, this blog shares peer advice, tips and personal experiences.

Meet Our Team

Our team works to provide you with the support, opportunities and facilities that you require during your time at Warwick.

Santiago Oyarzabal

Postgraduate Community Engagement Manager

Gemma Marakas

Postgraduate Community Engagement Manager (Maternity Leave)

Aysa Ozcan

Postgraduate Community Engagement Coordinator

David Richardson

Postgraduate Community Engagement Officer

If you have any ideas for events, requests or questions, please email: pgcommunity at warwick dot ac dot uk.

If you have any feedback on our spaces or events please complete our short survey.

For assistance with room bookings and facilities within our spaces, please email our facilities team: pghub at warwick dot ac dot uk.