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You Said, We Did

You said, we didYou said...

We want more desks suitable for independent study in the Postgrad Hub

You wanted higher tables in the Main Atrium of the Postgrad Hub that were more suitable to studying, and more desk space in the quiet area.

...We did

We sourced more suitable tables and they're now in use

The Postgrad Hub's smaller coffee tables have been replaced with high desks, suitable for studying, in order to maximise the study space in the Hub. We have added more desks to the quiet area and changed the seating arrangements so more people can study in there.

You said...

We want more provision for distance and part-time users

You wanted more online services and resources for students that might not be able to get onto campus.

...We did

We expanded our online resources

We launched an online mentorship platform so that all students could get support from their peers. We also created an online wellbeing course focused on Postgrad Realities.

You said...

We want better scanning facilities

You wanted the facilities to scan rare and delicate material without the fear of damaging it.

...We did

Installed an overhead scanner in the REx

There is now a free to use overhead scanner available in the Wolfson Research Exchange (by the printer) for all researchers to use whenever the Library is open. This can be used as an alternative to that available on the printer.

You said...

We want longer opening hours in the Postgrad Hub

The Postgrad Hub's opening hours were 9am-8pm. You wanted the Postgrad Hub to have longer opening hours to fit around your schedule of study, work and home life.

...We did

The Postgrad Hub is now open 9am-12am Monday to Sunday

You can now use the Postgrad Hub, including the group study and relaxation rooms until 12am, seven days a week during term time.

You said...

We want hot water in the Wolfson Research Exchange

You wanted to be able to make tea, coffee and hot drinks in the Research Exchange.

...We did

Installed a hot water boiler and sink

We created a small kitchenette area in the Wolfson Research Exchange with hot and cold water, and a sink, and we also now provide complimentary tea, coffee, and sugar.

You said...

We want to meet other researchers

You wanted to meet researchers from multiple departments in a casual, social setting.

...We did

Created 'Beyond the Research'

We held a social networking event where research talk was banned. We provided wine, crisps, soft drinks and conversation topics, you provided two hours of lively conversation and discussion. We hope to run this event again.

You said...

We want a fairer locker policy in the Wolfson Research Exchange

You told us the 12 hour lockers did not work for your schedules and you found it very difficult to secure an indefinite locker.

...We did

Changed all lockers to termly use

All lockers are now allocated at the start of every term on a random basis to those who apply for them. Lockers are then yours to use for the entire term.