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Artist Playlists

Ever wondered what your favourite musicians are listening to? Well wonder no more! Some of our friends and colleagues here at the Music Centre have been kind enough to share some of their favourite music with us. Below you'll find an ever-expanding collection of playlists of great music curated by great musicians. Be sure to check back regularly for more artists throughout the year.

Choogh Choogh

Choogh Choogh is inspired by the joy of travelling through India on a train. It combines classical Indian dance with contemporary movement, theatre and play, sharing with audiences a world full of colour, invention and flow. Anusha Subramanyam from Choogh Choogh sent us this playlist of some of the music which has inspired them.

Bonfire Radicals

Bonfire Radicals were our guests at the second ever Musical Picnic at Warwick Arts Centre and they went down a storm! Children and their grown ups were treated to a raucous morning of music, dancing and a conga line around the Arts Centre. The band have kindly put together some of their favourite music for us in the playlist below.

Soumik Datta

Ahead of his upcoming performance at Warwick Arts Centre Soumik Datta took some time out to put together a playlist of music from India and Pakistan that inspired him to write music about the independence of India and the creation of Pakistan. You'll also find some of Soumik's own beautiful music towards the end. You can find out more about Soumik via his website.

Aurora Orchestra - Nicholas Collon

Aurora Orchestra will be playing in the Butterworth Hall on Friday 7th October 2022, performing Thomas Adès Three Studies from Couperin,
Ravel Piano Concerto in G and Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique. We asked Nicholas Collon, Principal Conductor of Aurora Orchestra for some of his favourite music. Here is what he had to say:

  • Couperin / Les Baricades Mystérieuses - we’re playing some wonderful arrangements (by composer Thomas Adès) of keyboard pieces by Couperin in our concert in Warwick. I'm obsessed by Couperin’s little keyboard piece Les Baricades Mystérieuses which I even had at my wedding!
  • Jacob Collier / Djesse albums - I love his music, and went to his live show in London earlier in the summer What a genius!
  • Faurè / Piano Quintets - I listen more to chamber music than anything else when I'm at home on my own. It’s my greatest musical love. Faurè puts me into another world.
  • Berlioz / Lélio - this is the sequel to the Symphonie Fantastique, which no-one really knows. Whilst no-where near the masterpiece of the Fantastique, it’s still an interesting thing to listen to!
  • Soundtrack to the film ‘Vivo’ -my kids have just watched it and loved the songs. It’s a soundtrack by Lin Manuel, who created Hamilton. Genius!

Ellie Gowers

Ellie is a very talented Warwickshire based folk artist and, we are very happy to say, Artist In Residence at Warwick Arts Centre in 22/23. Throughout her residency Ellie will be hosting a series of songwriting workshops as well as working on new collaborative projects with Music Centre staff and students. We asked Ellie to pick some of her favourite music for us which she described as being "SOOOOOO hard"! If you want to check out more of Ellie's music then head over to her Bandcamp page.

Chris Mapp

One of our two new Associate Artists, Chris is a bass player, improviser and composer with an interest in a wide variety of music making. Chris will be leading all kinds of creative music making and music tech opportunities, workshops and chances to perform throughout the Arts Centre and beyond. This playlist includes some of his own music as well as some of his current and past favourites and inspirations. To hear more of Chris' music visit his Bandcamp page or to get in touch you can email him to find out more about his activities in the Music Centre.