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Compliance and Assurance

Compliance and Assurance

About us

The Compliance & Assurance Team is a university-wide assurance function, working with areas of compliance expertise from across the University to identify, integrate and deliver consistency of processes and systems that provide assurance to the University’s executive and the governing body.

Compliance & Assurance forms part of the Secretary to Council’s Office that includes a number of distinct but interrelated areas; Risk Management, Business Continuity (incl. Disaster Recovery and MIT), Health and Safety, Internal Audit and Governance.

Compliance & Assurance Framework

Developed to improve consistency in the management of compliance across different areas, the Compliance & Assurance Framework provides a macro-level structure for approaching compliance institution-wide.

Five key pillars underpin the Framework and support compliance leads to review existing compliance management by asking: Have we got all of this in place? Is it operating effectively? ​


The Compliance & Assurance team have developed a variety of templates to support implementation of the Compliance & Assurance Framework, using best practice from across the institution (and externally).