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Open Access Work Areas

Computers are available in pre-defined IT Services' Open Access Work Areas for use by any member of the University. In addition, some of these areas are bookable by staff for teaching purposes.

Open Access Work Area bookings can now be made by University staff through the WRB System in the same way you would book a centrally-timetabled room.

To check availability of a bookable Work Area, or to confirm details of bookings already made for the current academic year, visit the Teaching Timetabling webpage. Here you can view timetable reports (select Location report) by selecting the appropriate IT Services' rooms, which are pre-fixed with IN_, e.g. IN_R041.

Please note:

  • All computers run Windows 7, with the exception of the ones in Maths A0.01, which run Linux.
  • Generally, it is not possible to install additional software on Work Area machines, unless it is site-licensed. IT Services must be notified at least 2 weeks in advance in order to fulfil a request.
  • IT Services' Work Areas can only be booked by University staff members for teaching purposes.
  • Staff and students of the University may use any of the other IT Services' Open Access Work Areas for individual and group study without pre-booking. A list of all Open Access Work Areas is available here.

For further information regarding Open Access Work Areas visit the Work Area Service webpage.