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Space Management

FoA Outside - Artist's Impression - Space

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If you would like to change the use of your existing space to make it more efficient, or would like to request additional space, please complete a space change request form. However, before requesting additional space please ensure that your current space is being used efficiently. For guidance on efficient use of space please see the space utilisation page.

Annual Accommodation Round

The Annual Accommodation Round is the formal process by which University space is allocated. As part of this process departments will complete a space return to ensure that records are up to date and accurate. This information is used by the Academic Resourcing Committee during the Annual Planning Round and by the Capital, Space and Amenities Group to ratify any space changes.

Space Utilisation

Where possible new staff or activities should be accommodated in existing space. Before bidding for new space please check your current space usage against the space guidelines to ensure that it is being used efficiently.

Meeting Rooms

There is a new process for booking meeting rooms in several locations across campus including Argent Court, Senate House (excluding the Senate House Council Chamber) and University House. This is part of a wider project to pool meeting room bookings in one place, with a view to support hybrid working, improve availability and efficiency, as well as raising the standards of AV provision in selected rooms.