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Working Securely: Valimail update - making email more secure

The update

We are making email at Warwick more secure. We are implementing a suite of email standards and policies provided by Valimail, that will automatically reduce the amount of spam and phishing emails that appear to originate from email addresses.

We aim to reduce the potential for successful cyber attacks via fake or phishing emails and protect our data from being compromised. This, in turn, will also reduce the workload of teams within Security and Information Management (SIM) and IT Security.

The action

To reduce the risk of legitimate emails being blocked, the Valimail service has been running in monitoring mode for several months, identifying Warwick-managed services and servers. We have used this information to work with colleges across the University to ensure legitimate services will be unaffected by the change.

At 9am on 17 February 2021 we will switch the service from monitoring to compliance mode. From that date, emails from a address must come from a service or server that Warwick manages and also be compliant with a DMARC email security policy. Those that fail will not be delivered, reducing the security risks from spoofed emails and providing greater protection for our University data.

Need more information?

For full details on the Valimail project, please see Working Securely: Improving email security and for advice or support, please contact us:

Security & Information Management is Everyone's Responsibility

Help and support

If you think you detect any unusual online activity, please report it immediately.

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Who needs to know this?

This information concerns us all. If you use a Warwick staff card, a Warwick email address, access one of our staff or student record systems or share your Warwick work with colleagues within or beyond the University, you are involved in activities that must be kept secure.

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