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Personal training

Motivation and inspiration

Get expert guidance, workout motivation and improve your training results.

Whatever your fitness goals, our personal trainers can help you get the results you want.


1 hour session £46
5x bundle £180 (£36 per hour)
10x bundle £282 (£28.20 per hour)
20x bundle £487 (£24.35 per hour)
1 hour group session (up to 4 people) £50

How to book

Buy your bundle online.

To book your sessions email, call or arrange a session on your next visit.

Contact warwicksport at warwick dot ac dot uk

Contact +44 (0)24 7652 3011

Visit us Pop on in to visit us

What will a Personal Trainer do?

  • Lead your sessions and set your goals
  • Work hard to improve your body composition, physical performance and health outcomes
  • Teach correct form, technique and exercise selection
  • Provide constant feedback, support and motivation
  • Assess to make sure you are getting the very best out of the service

Meet our trainers

Request a trainer so they get to know you and your workout.

Find out their areas of expertise and qualifications to find your best match.