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Juniors Coaching

The Junior Coaching Programme has three strands. There are some overlapping areas through a child's development. You may have a player who is in a Club squad but who also trains with an Academy squad. You may have a player who is in a Development Squad but who hits up with the Club Squads. The Strength & Conditioning programme will be accessed by some of the Club Squad players.

Development Squads:

  • For entry level and social players
  • Players will be doing one session a week and entering internal and entry level competitions
  • The main aim is to get players playing to a social standard of play

Training Squads:

  • For players who have been identified as above average
  • We would expect players in the club squads to do two sessions per week
  • Players in this category may also wish to have individual coaching with the coaching team
  • They will be eligible to play for the Tennis Centre teams and will be playing in appropriate tournaments

Focused Squads:

  • For elite players
  • These players will be playing in teams and tournaments
  • Their training will be planned by the Head Coach and it will include Strength & Conditioning

It is important that we place your child in the correct group and we would ask all newcomers to the Centre to contact us to discuss your child before booking them on a course.

Please contact either:

  • Chris Cash (Tennis Centre Manager) by email at c dot cash at warwick dot ac dot uk or by phone on 07714 251 020

Our programme offers Tots Tennis, Mini Tennis Red, Mini Tennis Orange and Mini Tennis Green as well as Junior and Teenage Tennis. We also have a Junior Tennis Club based at the Tennis Centre, and offer weekday and weekend coaching.

Class Descriptions:

Tots (3 - 4 years of age)

  • Development of basic ball skills, coordination and movement
  • Fun environment
  • Children can learn by discovery
  • This session is now free for advanced bookings
  • 15 September - 22 December - Not Running during Half-Term: Mon 22nd Oct - Sun 28th Oct
  • Runs Saturday mornings 9:30 - 10:30am

Mini Tennis - Red (8 years of age and under)

  • Development of simple tactics and techniques on a smaller court
  • Attention is paid to the core skills of movement and coordination
  • Taking part in fun activities
  • Playing small court games
  • Team competitions
  • 9:30 - 10:30am- Saturday 15 September - Saturday 22 December 2018
  • 9:30 - 10:30 am- Sunday 16 September - Sunday 23 December 2018
  • 4:30 - 5:30pm- Monday 10 September - Monday 17 December 2018 -
  • Not Running during Half-Term: Mon 22nd Oct - Sun 28th Oct

Mini Tennis - Orange (9 years of age)

  • Played on an 18m x 6.5m court with a slower orange ball
  • More advanced tactics and technique are developed
  • Competition includes slightly longer matches which follow singles, doubles and team formats
  • 10:30 - 11:30am- Saturday 15 September - Saturday 22 December 2018
  • Not Running during Half-Term: Mon 22nd Oct - Sun 28th Oct

For more information about Mini Tennis, have a look at the national Mini Tennis website.

Green (10 years of age)

  • Continued development of technique and tactics using more power and spin
  • Bigger court and a green ball
  • Individual and team competitions
  • 11:30 - 12:30pm- Saturday 15 September - Saturday 22 December 2018
  • Not Running during Half-Term: Mon 22nd Oct - Sun 28th Oct

Juniors (11 years of age and over)

  • Junior Tennis is for serious and social players
  • Using the whole court and normal balls the game is developed tactically and technically
  • Individual and team competitions

Disability Tennis

  • We run various sessions for players with disabilities
  • Please contact Chris on 07714 251 020

Further Information:

  • We run a Cardio Tennis Session for adults from 9.30am until 10.30am on Saturdays so come and get fit whilst your children attend their session!
  • The courses are payable in half term blocks
  • Please ensure that each course is paid for by the second week of that course
  • New players are welcome to try out sessions free of charge before deciding on a session
  • As each course cost is dependent on the length of the half term, please telephone Reception on 02476 150690 or ask to find out the exact amount due
  • Please note that all Mini Tennis Red players are automatically regarded as Junior Tennis members free of charge
  • Mini Tennis Orange players can join the Tennis Club for half price membership
  • Mini Tennis Green and older players can join the Tennis Club as Junior members

We reserve the right to hold sessions outdoors at any time. If a session is rained off you will receive a refund/credit for that session.

Outdoor courses are cheaper than indoor courses and will continue right through the winter months using the floodlights. Please ensure your children are appropriately dressed for the weather conditions.