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Energy & challenge

Feel the

Energy & challenge

Work at your level. Switch the pace. Challenge your fitness.

  • Suitable for all levels
  • Burn calories long after your workouts finished
  • Improve muscle tone and build core strength
  • Body weight or equipment based

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Abs Blast

  • 20 minute class

Short and sharp gym floor class aimed to strengthen and tone your core muscles.

Body Attack™

  • 60 minute class

Sports-inspired cardio workout for building both strength and stamina. Aerobic, strength and stabilisation movements.

Body Combat™

  • 60 minute class

High-energy, non-contact martial arts inspired workout. Punch, kick and block to destroy calories and target every muscle.


  • 45 and 60 minute classes

Boxing training techniques and core strength exercises. Use ropes, pads, punch-bags and circuits in a varied boxing-related fitness workout.


  • 45 minute class

High-intensity aerobics with rapid movement to next exercise. Keep up the pace and move quick from one station to the next.


  • 30 minute class

A focus on fitness and strength using many body weight exercise and finishing with a core workout.

Functional Circuits

  • 40 minute class

Innovative gym floor classes utilising a wide range of modern kit including Battle Ropes, Slam Balls and Kettlebells.


  • 30 minute class

Uplifting gym floor class incorporating bursts of high intensity movement with short rest periods.


  • 30 and 60 minute classes

Bodyweight and high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises. A fast paced workout with music instructing you on to your next exercise.

Studio Cycle

  • 45 minute class

Effective cardio and strength workout on an indoor bike where you choose your resistance. Intense and fast-paced - a great class for any fitness level.

Les Mills™ virtual classes

Workout at a time that works for you with video versions of live classes. Get the same motivation as a live class or go at your own pace.

Virtual fitness classes

Move in a different way

Find your favourite workout or discover something new.


Endurance improving classes that challenge your fitness.


Improve flexibility and leave feeling relaxed and calm.


Develop at your own pace in a motivated environment.