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Artist impression of squash court

World class squash and badminton courts for all levels of play

From beginner to experienced, our modern racquet facilities provide great playing opportunities for everybody.

Keep fit on court or take a swing at more competitive play. However you hit it, you'll find our courts packed with features to get the best from your games.

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The essentials

  • Six glass backed squash courts with spectator area
  • Space for 16 competition standard badminton courts
  • Great for both casual and competition use.

Overhead view of squash court

Enter the squash court

Six quality courts

World-class squash courts right at the heart of our new sports facility. You'll find six glass backed courts as well as a raised seating area for spectators, including an area with wheelchair bays.

Choose how you play with a moveable wall and adjustable tins. Perfect for different levels of play for all ages and abilities.

  • Moveable side walls to increase court size for doubles
  • Adjustable height tins for different levels
  • Home to Premier Squash League (PSL) games.

Swing your way fit

Racquet sports are a great way to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. With squash, badminton and tennis available, there's no reason why you shouldn't get on court and make a racket.

The baseline of badminton courts

A premier quality playing surface

Everyone can enjoy badminton at all levels on our high spec courts. With a surface to help improve player performance, our sports halls can host up to 16 badminton courts.

Our multi-purpose sports hall offers tiered seating and is a fantastic venue for competitive badminton action.

  • Space for centre court showcases or 12 court training camps
  • Designed to premier league standard specifications
  • Pay & Play available to everyone for only £6.50.

Badminton courts in large sports hall

Grab hold of your tennis racquet

If tennis is your game, we have a fantastic tennis centre where you can serve up a game on both indoor and outdoor courts.

Badminton game in front of retractable seating

Get closer to the game

World class action

If you're looking to watch the best squash action, our courts host a number of major club and international events, including the Premier Squash League (PSL).

Our badminton courts are also competition standard. With retractable tiered seating for over 1,000 people, you'll be well seated to watch all the action.

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