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Am I entitled to a card?

Eligibility for a University card depends on your membership of the University.

Students – undergraduates, taught postgraduates and research postgraduates – are entitled to a card which combines University identification and the NUS card. Students' cards include access to the Library and Sports Centre.

All salaried staff employed by the University are entitled to a card giving access to the Library and Sports Centre.

Some staff working on campus but not actually employed by the University – visiting academics or Students' Union staff, for example – are entitled to a card with equivalent staff entitlements.

Some staff employed by third-party organisations who are based at Warwick providing services to the campus are eligible for a card. They may have reduced access to the Library and Sports Centre.

There are also other membership categories for visiting students, carers of disabled students, partners of residential staff and many more. The University classifies members by their ‘membership group’. Each group has both a set of defining characteristics and a trustee or sponsor. If you believe you fall into a specific group you should contact your trustee for advice.

Membership Group Defining Characteristics Trustee
University staff Full- and part-time staff paid via the University's payroll system. Human Resources
Security staff Full- and part-time staff paid via the University's payroll system. Human Resources
Temporary workers including UniTemps staff Staff employed on an ad-hoc basis. This category excludes part-time staff with ongoing work in a regular pattern. Human Resources
Students' Union staff Employees of the Students' Union based on campus. Students' Union
Emeritus academic Senior academic staff nominated and confirmed by the Vice-Chancellor. Human Resources
Visiting academic Visiting academics from other Institutions. Human Resources
External partner People who are not otherwise members of the University but may require authorised access. E.g. NHS members based remotely who are helping a University department. Card Office and/or department
Honorary visitors Honorary academics and visitors from other institutions. Human Resources
Spouses of (resident) staff Spouses of staff resident at the University for a fixed duration. Card Office
Contract staff (paid by an external business) Staff of other institutions or companies who work for the University as a result of an agreement between the parties. Card Office
BP Archives staff Members of BP Archives staff based at the University. Card Office
Science Park staff Employees of businesses based at the University of Warwick Science Park. This category excludes staff based at the Science Park who are actually in the full-time pay of the University; they are covered under the major category of ‘Staff’. Human Resources
Third-party staff Employees of other organisations, based on campus as a result of a contract between the University and their employer, who would be considered staff except for the way in which they are paid. Human Resources
Visiting researcher Researchers visiting Warwick from other institutions. Human Resources
Committee members External parties who sit on University governing committees. Vice-Chancellor's Office
Honorary teaching staff Honorary medical staff and clinical assistants, etc. Human Resources
Academic partner Employee of an associated teaching institution contracted to deliver on a Warwick-accredited course. Lifelong Learning
Undergraduate and postgraduate students including foundation year All students registered on the student records system. Academic Office
Distance learning Registered students taking distance learning courses. Academic Office
FE and HE shared students Registered students taking courses partly at Warwick and partly elsewhere (2+2). Academic Office
Visiting students Students of other higher education institutions. This category is intended to cover use of the facilities during vacation by students who are based locally. This does not include exchange students who have a separate category Academic Office
Exchange students Students based at Warwick on an exchange scheme from another institution. Academic Office
Open studies - credit-bearing Open studies students taking credit-bearing courses. Lifelong Learning
Pre-sessional Students of CELTE taking a pre-sessional course who may, or may not, go on to an undergraduate course at Warwick. Academic Office
Alumni All students who have graduated from a degree course at Warwick. Warwick Graduates Association
Open studies - non-credit-bearing Students taking non-credit-bearing open studies courses, including weekend day-schools. Lifelong Learning
Non credit-bearing Students enrolled on non-credit-bearing short courses, including CELTE residential courses. Department
Bursary student Students who have graduated but remain on campus under the bursary scheme. Card Office
Students' Union Sabbatical Officer Elected members of the Union sabbatical team. Students' Union
External Sports Centre members External parties who pay a fee to use the University's sports facilities. Sports Centre
Conference delegates External parties attending events held on the University campus. Hospitality Services
Students' Union external member External parties who pay a fee to belong to the Students' Union (usually sports and social society members). Students' Union
External Library members External parties who pay a fee to belong to the University Library. Library
Honorary graduates Members who have been conferred with an honorary degree from the University. Vice Chancellor's Office
Chaplains Formally-appointed chaplains. Human Resources
Carers of disabled students Carers in attendance of disabled Warwick students. Senior Tutor


Card Office

University House, University of Warwick, CV4 8UW
Tel: +44 (0)24 7615 0411
Email: cardoffice at warwick dot ac dot uk

Academic Registrar's Office

Ground Floor, University House, University of Warwick, CV4 8UW
Tel: +44 (0)24 7657 4333
Email: studentrecords at warwick dot ac dot uk

Human Resources

2nd floor, University House, University of Warwick, CV4 8UW
Tel: +44 (0)24 7657 4956
Email: payroll at warwick dot ac dot uk