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University Executive Board

Membership 2023/24

The Vice-Chancellor (Chair)

Professor Stuart Croft

The Provost

Professor Emma Flynn

The Registrar

Rachel Sandby-Thomas

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Professor Lorenzo Frigerio

Professor Caroline Meyer

Professor Michael Scott

The Group Finance Director

Rosie Drinkwater

The Commercial Director

Chris Hunt

The Secretary to Council

Dr Chris Twine

The Chief Information and Transformation Officer

Raja-Saleem Javaid

The Chief Communications Officer

Ajay Teli

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Terms of Reference

    To oversee (and report as required to Council and/or Senate for approval / assurance as required):

    1. The formulation of the University’s Strategy.

    2. The timely and effective implementation of the Strategy and the achievement of key strategic
    objectives and performance targets.

    3. The identification and management of risks to implementation of the University’s strategy and

    4. Horizon-scanning of the external environment for opportunities and threats, and seek to
    influence key external partners.

    5. Institutional performance through development and scrutiny of Key Performance Indicators.

    6. The provision of strategic advice to the Vice-Chancellor and President and other members of

    7. The financial position of the University on a quarterly basis and actions taken to improve
    adverse variances and trends and take other mitigating actions as required.

    8. Decisions on high-level operational matters where it is not appropriate under the Scheme of
    Delegation or role descriptions for the relevant UEB lead to take action without consent of
    wider UEB.

    9. The approval of policies and actions required for compliance with statutory and regulatory
    requirements, and Assurance to Council that the required standards of accountability and legal
    and regulatory compliance are being achieved.

    10. Scrutiny of business plans and the impact of significant in-year changes to resource allocation
    upon other teams and functions.

    11. Any other executive functions specified in the University’s Scheme of Delegation.

    12. To recommend or report to the Finance and General Purposes Committee relating to financial
    planning and performance.

    13. To recommend or report to the Remuneration Committee an Annual Report on the work of
    the UEB specific to remuneration.

    14. To receive reports and consider recommendations for approval where required from Academic Strategy Committee, Financial Plan Committee, the People Committee, and other subcommittees of UEB.

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    Reporting Structure

    The University Executive Board provides reports to both the Senate and the Council.

    Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

    The University Executive Board has several associated committees which report on an ad-hoc basis, namely: the Environment and Social Sustainability Action GroupLink opens in a new window, Professional Services MonthlyLink opens in a new window, the Workforce Wellbeing Strategy Group and the Student Wellbeing Strategy Group.

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    Secretary: Dr Chris Twine, Secretary to Council

    Assistant Secretary: Governance Team via 

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    Dates of meetings of the University Executive Board can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

    The Timetable is published and updated online and should be referred to when verifying arrangements through the academic year.

    The deadline to submit papers for a University Executive Board meeting taking place on a Monday, is 9am on the previous Wednesday. Please note that the paper should utilise the University Executive Board templates (top right on this page) and should be the final version, approved by the relevant executive lead.

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