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Continuing Full-time Undergraduate and 2+2 Students

Tuition Fees/ Tuition Fee Loan

2017-2022 Entry Students

The tuition fees you will be charged may be different if you are undertaking a Study Abroad opportunity. Please visit our Study Abroad webpage for further information.

Living Costs/Maintenance Loan

2016-2022 Entry Students

  • You may be eligible for a Maintenance Loan.
  • The amount of Maintenance Loan you may be eligible for will depend on your household income.
  • If you are aged under 25 at the start of your course, you will most likely be assessed for support using your parents income, unless you fulfil the criteria to be considered an independent student .
  • For further information on how much you could be eligible for, check out the following webpage, Student Finance for Undergraduates- Continuing Students.
  • You can also use the Student Finance Calculator to estimate your entitlement.
Table showing the 2023-24 maintenance loan rates (subject to parliamentary approval)  for full-time undergraduates.

Please note, all of the above 2023-2024 maintenance loan rates are subject to parliamentary approval.

The table above demonstrates the amount of maintenance loan available to eligible students based on their household income. These are the rates for the 2023-2024 academic year and specifically apply to full-time undergraduates who do not receive benefits and who were not aged 60 or over on the first day of their first academic year.

Student Finance England will use your household income from the previous tax year to assess your entitlement (i.e., for the 2023-2024 academic year, your entitlement will be based on the 2021-22 tax year).

The amount of maintenance loan you may be eligible for may differ if you are undertaking a Study Abroad opportunity. Please visit our Study Abroad webpage for further information.

The maximum maintenance loan amount available to final year students is reduced, to account for the fact that you will not be registered as a student over the summer period. This means that you may receive less loan in your final year as you have done in your previous years of study.

Additional Funding

Dependents' Grants

Disabled Students' Allowance

The Warwick Bursary

  • Undergraduate students who fulfil certain eligibility criteria may also receive the Warwick Bursary. For further information, including eligibility criteria and award amounts please see our Warwick Bursary webpage.