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World Wellbeing Week

World Wellbeing Week

It’s World Wellbeing Week from 26 June – 2 July 2023, but talking about mental health and wellbeing is important all year round. Life at university is exciting, though it can have its challenges, so we want you to know about all of the resources and support available to you.

As we approach the end of term, take the time to wind down or take a break if you’re still studying or researching and get involved in a variety of events and activities on campus - from yoga and mindfulness sessions, to walks across campus, the chance to win free sports passes with Warwick Sport, and Warwick Arts Centre workshops.

Read on to see tips from Wellbeing and Student Support and profiles from our Warwick community about looking after your wellbeing. You’ll also see information about the range of support available to you.

To access support at Warwick, please visit Wellbeing and Student Support via our Wellbeing Portal, where our teams are ready to support and work with you to develop the personal resources and skills you need to navigate the challenges and opportunities of student life.

If you’re a member of staff at Warwick, take a look at our Staff Wellbeing Hub, where you can find a programme of support sessions and resources to help look after your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Featured events

a laughter yoga class at University of Warwick

Laughter Yoga

Join John Timpkiss for a fun session where you can learn how to relax and reduce your stress. Laughter Yoga is fun, has many health benefits and can enhance your wellbeing with gentle exercises and deep breathing.

students improving their wellbeing through creative visualisation

Creative Visualisation

Dr Hayley Trower is leading a creative visualisation workshop. Creative visualisation is a form of mental imagery that connects the head and the heart. It can be used to enhance goal performance, elevate mood and confidence, explore life's challenges and support general wellbeing.

a student sits writing at a desk

Writing for Wellbeing

Join Fran Flint, a writer herself, and find out more about how writing can enhance your wellbeing. Writing for wellbeing is about using the power of words to explore yourself, your life and your thoughts and feelings.

a group discusses the effects of menopause in the workplace

Menopause in the Workplace

Join Jane Dashwood to hear about the latest news and discover how we can support women in the workplace who are concerned about the symptoms of menopause.

Workshop Wednesdays: Waist Bead Workshop

Hosted by Ebony, the founder of Cultured Waist, you'll learn how to create and wear waist beads that reflect your unique style and personality. This workshop is designed to be empowering and promote positive body image.

Human Library

The Human Library is a great way to learn about others in a positive and respectful way. By sharing our experiences we can help challenge prejudice, stigma and stereotypes.

Warwick Sport Pop-Up

Drop by our stand outside Senate House on Thursday (11am-3pm) to learn about the choices of sport on offer at Warwick. You can also spin the wheel and win free sports passes!

Green Spaces Walk

Come and join us for a walk around the beautiful green spaces on our campus. Take a break and improve your physical and mental health.


Mental Wellbeing Tips from Wellbeing and Student Support

University life is a busy and exciting time and can be full of ups and downs. It's important to remember to look after yourself both physically and mentally as best you can. View some simple tips on how you can do this in your day-to-day life here at Warwick.

Steps to Wellbeing

This is a 5-week rolling programme you can join at any time to learn strategies and skills to help navigate student life. Find out more about the Summer Term dates and register.

Drop in: Optimising your Mental Health for Exams

The drop in sessions are every day at 4pm, to offer an understanding of how stress and anxiety impacts you, and to give you practical tools and techniques you can use to optimise your mental health as you prepare for exams and deadlines.


Utilise online resources such as Togetherall, where you can share how you are feeling, speak with others, and both offer and gain advice and support from people all around the world.

Report + Support

Everyone at the University, whether studying, working, or visiting, has the right to feel safe. Harassment of any kind is completely unacceptable, and our community is an environment where prejudice and socially unacceptable behaviour are never tolerated. Find out more about Report + Support, including how to speak to an advisor or submit a report.

5 Questions with our Director of Wellbeing and Safeguarding

Get to know Andy Smith, our new Director of Wellbeing and Safeguarding. Andy shares his advice on managing stress during exams and how to access wellbeing support for staff and students at Warwick.

Male Profiles from the Warwick Community

View some profiles from men across our University community, sharing what mental health and wellbeing means to them, and how they look after themselves on a day-to-day basis.

Student Blog: Exam Stress and Wellbeing

Afrina Dayana is a second-year Economics student. Read about how Afrina is dealing with the pressures of exam season, including reflections and tips for looking after your wellbeing.

Monday 26 Feb - Sunday 03 Mar 2024

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