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Campus Walks

Our campus covers 290 hectares and lies in the valley of Canley Brook, an area of considerable historical interest. Henry II gave part of this royal estate to Cistercian monks in 1155, and, near Tocil Wood, people manufactured pottery using local clay and charcoal. Following dissolution in 1535, the land was enclosed and developed many of the features you see today. Our campus covers four medieval farmsteads: Gibbet Hill, Tocil, Cryfield and Cryfield Grange.

There are a number of short walks and green spaces on campus, which are available for all to enjoy. The walks take you through some of the natural areas of campus, which can help with wellbeing.

“Going on a walk can revive us… Spending time in nature can give us a sense of peace… Walking keeps our bodies and minds healthy, giving us a breather from the stresses of daily life and the space to gather our thoughts. Exploring open countryside also brings us closer to nature, giving us time to notice how the raindrops cling to a spider's web or listen to the wind in the trees.” National Trust

To find out more about biodiversity and sustainability at the University visit the Environmental Sustainability pages.

Walking on Campus

Below you will find downloadable maps for three nature walks, as well as green spaces, on campus. Please note that none of the walks are currently signposted. When going on a walk, please be prepared and stay safe:

  • Follow local Covid-19 restrictions; and
  • Wear good, solid footwear with grip on the soles as some paths can be uneven or slippery when wet.

Please leave paths and spaces as you'd want to find them and observe the Countryside Code.

Campus loop - 5km

Warwickshire Way and Sports Field - 3km

Lakes and Claycroft Fields - 1.5km

Spine Route and Lakeside - 1.4km

Green spaces on campus

There is also a Walk Talk Walk group on campus who organise regular walks.

Trails on Campus

Follow That Hare: An Art and Nature Trail - a sculpture trail across the campus.

Sculpture Trail - a trail with information on our many sculptures.

Energy Trail - a trail with information on how Warwick is leading the way towards more sustainable energy systems.

Walks in the local area

Tocil Wood Nature Reserve: Managed by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and located on campus.

Warwick District Council:

  • Riverside Walk (3.5 miles) follows the River Leam, Grand Union Canal and River Avon.
  • Kenilworth Greenway is on the site of an old railway and has become a wildlife corridor.


Photos of campus