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Campus Walks

Our campus covers 290 hectares and lies in the valley of Canley Brook, an area of considerable historical interest. Henry II gave part of this royal estate to Cistercian monks in 1155, and, near Tocil Wood, people manufactured pottery using local clay and charcoal. Following dissolution in 1535, the land was enclosed and developed many of the features you see today. Our campus covers four medieval farmsteads: Gibbet Hill, Tocil, Cryfield and Cryfield Grange.

Since Warwick was founded in the 60s, we've constructed buildings, planted many trees and created 8 lakes. To reduce damage to wildlife, we've entered into a Countryside Stewardship Scheme, which encourages replacing and improving hedgerows and creating "buffer strips" along existing hedges and watercourses.

With the exception of the public rights of way, the walks below follow permissive paths (not for cycles) which the landowner reserves the right to close should the need arise. Please leave our walks as you'd want to find them and observe the Countryside Code.

Walking routes

Lakes Walk

Lakes Walk total distance: 1 km. The walk is on a surfaced path and is suitable for wheelchairs. There are a number of starting and finishing points.

Warwickshire Walk

Warwickshire Walk total distance: 6 kms (including Cryfield Grange extension). Muddy in winter and after rain.

Sculpture Trail

A trail through campus, with information on our many sculptures.

Energy Walk

A trail through campus, with information on how Warwick is leading the way towards more sustainable energy systems.

Photos of campus