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Welcome to Warwick - Autumn Term 2021

As students arriving at Warwick from outside the UK, it’s likely that starting the first term of university in quarantine has given you a very different initial university experience to the one you were hoping for. If you have found the prospect of quarantine daunting or struggled at times you are not alone. You may also be settling into a new university and culture which brings challenges as well as opportunities. However, quarantine does not have to be a negative start to your year. We have put together some strategies and tips to help you to take care of your wellbeing during quarantine - and beyond.

  • Firstly, try to maintain a routine and plan your day as best you can. Take good care of yourself. Eat regularly and go to sleep and get up at the same time each day. You may be experiencing some jetlag for the first few days. This can make you feel groggy and affect your mood. Give your inner clock some time to adjust – allow light and air into your room and keep hydrated. Fight the desire to sleep during the day - try to stay up until the evening. It will soon pass.
  • This may be a good time to get a head start on the reading for your course. Remember to include relaxation and break times in your daily schedule as well as study time. Staying busy will help this time to pass more quickly.
  • You can still remain active in quarantine. You can access lots of online activities and there are fitness classes available online via Warwick Sport; these are accessible and free to all students. If you exercise at a gym, continue the workouts at home. If you don't exercise, now is a good time to start.
  • Join in – take part in all of the virtual activities on offer. Along with the latest Covid-19 safety guidance from the university, you can find details of face-to-face and online events and activities designed to support your transition into University life here. As well as the programme for all new students, this year there will also be activities for returning students. Check out what’s on at the Students' Union here.

You will have a tailored programme of welcome and induction events through your Welcome Timetable app. We want you to have a great, fun, safe start to your life at Warwick this autumn, even with the challenges we're all experiencing from Covid-19.

Connecting with others online can help you to feel less isolated while in quarantine. The Warwick University Global Connections Community is a great way to meet other students in the same position as you and share tips and experiences for getting through quarantine. It can help to talk about what you are feeling and experiencing.

  • Remember to focus on the positives. Although this is a challenging time, it will not last forever. One easy tip which can help to remind us of some of the good and refocus our minds, is to make a list of positives and things that we are grateful for at the end of each week or each day.
  • Change can impact on our physical selves. For example, we may experience disordered eating and sleeping when we are going through a transition. This is normal and should soon pass. Again, make sure that you are eating regularly, taking time out to relax, trying to keep to a regular schedule and taking exercise.
  • Sometimes you may need some help. If you find that your sleeping and eating issues are seriously impacting your day-to-day activities or you are struggling to cope, it is a good idea to speak to your doctor or get in touch with us at Wellbeing Support Services.
  • Online support and advice are available to all Warwick students 24/7 from Togetherall. There is also a range of self-help resources on the Warwick University Wellbeing Support Services website if you would like to take the opportunity to work on your wellbeing while you are in quarantine.

If you would like to speak to someone at Wellbeing about this or anything else that you would like some advice on, please access the Wellbeing Portal where you can join a virtual queue for a brief consultation with a Wellbeing Adviser, Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm.

    Useful support links:

    The videos below will provide support for all students sharing strategies and tips you can use to improve your wellbeing:

    • UG students - watch a short 10 minute introduction to Wellbeing Support Services with tips on feeling good and functioning well

    • Postgraduate Taught students - watch a 15 minute introduction to Wellbeing Support Services with tips on managing stress.

    • Postgraduate Research students - watch a short 10 minute introduction to Wellbeing Support Services with tips on work, life balance