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Weekly Wellbeing Themes

Work Life Balance

Having a work life balance means different things to each of us but we do need both time to study and time to relax. When one area is significantly lacking, whether it is us not working or not taking some time to rest, we notice things feel more difficult. What this balance looks like can and will change throughout the academic year – it is normal for busier and quieter times. What’s important is how you manage this balance. A good starting point is to think about what is important to you, and what is urgent. This can include asking yourself what do you value, want to do well in, or want to achieve? 

Using a schedule – it can be a diary, a wall planner or online - can help you to feel more in control of things. You don’t have to stick to a 9-5 schedule if that doesn’t work for you but identify the hours you are most productive and centre your workday around that. Remember to schedule regular breaks and relaxation to keep you refreshed. 

Wellbeing and Student Support and the Allotment Society have been working together to promote the value that horticulture and being outside can add to your wellbeing. Have a look on the Warwick Presents Calendar for details of a bee-keeping talk, arranged for Wednesday 22nd May.

For more strategies and information on managing your wellbeing, join our Steps to Wellbeing sessions. This week we are looking at managing uncertainty. These are one hour face to face workshops held in Senate House. They can be part of the Warwick Award and you will learn lifelong valuable skills. 

If you would like to speak to someone at Wellbeing and Student Support, you can have a brief consultation with a Wellbeing Adviser. Please access the Wellbeing Portal to join a queue for a brief consultation with an Adviser, Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm. Consultations can be face to face in Senate House, or online. They both require you to join the queue online when you are available.  


      The following videos may prove helpful to some students to view both prior to arrival and upon arrival.

      Before arrival:
      On arrival:

      Hear from Sophie,

      Meet our team member Sophie, who is here to talk you through managing your anxiety.

      Understanding Wellbeing

      A new online module is now available for all Warwick students. It has been designed to improve the wellbeing literacy of students at Warwick and has been co-created by IATL Staff and Students to make sure that it can be accessible to all and geared for often time-constrained University life.

      To access the Online Module on Moodle click here

      You may find it helpful to view a 2 minute introduction to the module.