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Research impact

What's the impact of student research?

“This is cutting-edge research that we're doing as undergraduates, with a high chance that our results will be published. Not only do you develop all these skills, you’ve also got a chance to have your paper put into records which will be there forever. That can never be taken away, which to me is really exciting. It's also an opportunity to make things that no one has ever made.”

Russ, Chemistry

“We consider all undergraduates to be a part of the academy. It’s a chance to make a real contribution the field you are studying in. Publishing it or presenting on it lets people know, adds it to the general record of what's happening in your area. I think that’s a really satisfying, a really rewarding experience for any undergraduate to have.”

Emma, IATL

How can student research impact your future?

Alumni career journeys and student research

“Students genuinely contribute to the research that I am doing, take me another step along the path. To be able to get student on board, being able to take that step forward through the student is just so valuable to the academic, really is.”

Martine, Statistics

Examples of high-impact research projects involving students

Sleep, Health and Society© 

Youth and Brexit

The Cultural History of the NHS