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Global Connections Creative Challenge

If you're looking for a break from your assignments, light boredom relief, or a way to keep your family occupied, you're in the right place!

Each week of term we'll be posting a challenge for you to attempt over the weekend - please do share your creations with us and we'll post them on the University Instagram page for others to marvel at too!

The challenge for each week of term will be released each Thursday of term.

Week 10:

Let us know how you’re celebrating the end of term.
Bonus points if you converted your room/ home into a place fit for a virtual/ socially distanced party and share your celebrations with us!

Remember to submit your entries to us via Instagram @universityofwarwick or using the form below!
Your connection to Warwick
Your connection to Warwick
I consent to my entry being shared on social media and other digital or print media
I consent to my entry being shared on social media and other digital or print media
If your entry features photos of any individuals please ensure you have their consent to share the image on social media or other digital or print media
If your entry features photos of any individuals please ensure you have their consent to share the image on social media or other digital or print media
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The data on this form relates to your submission to the Global Connections Creative Challenge. The date and time of your submission, your identity and the work you have submitted will all be stored. Entries may also be shared on Unviersity social media channels, newsletters and other digital or print media if you have consented to this as part of your submission.

Previous challenges

Week 9:

Art attack: Create an artwork out of materials which you found lying in your room. Bonus points if you can recreate a masterpiece!

Week 8:

A lot of people have had the idea to break up their boredom by taking up new hobbies or trying different experiences - and that's what this week's challenge is - to try something new. This could be a new hobby, a virtual trip to the theatre, cooking a new cuisine, or even engaging with something in a different language. Let us know how it goes by sharing your photos, videos, a drawing or a journal entry :)

Week 7:

This week we’d like you to write, sketch or sing affirmative or motivational messages – to remind yourself and others of each of our inner strengths.

It’s not boasting, it’s about helping each other – so let’s get sharing!

Week 6:

A number of us have taken to creative writing as a way to mentally travel across time and space.
Flex your imagination and share a short story or comic strip on the subject of unexpected plot twists.

Its fine if they’re rooted in real life; but the more fantastical the better!

Week 5:

This week, we've been celebrating World Day for Cultural Diversity (21 May).

Share a photo, video or sketch to celebrate your culture, or simply some words to help us understand your culture better.
Whether it's a self-portrait showing your various cultural identities (e.g. academic discipline; gender; nationality; faith; ethnicity; family roles) or a quick message to dispel popular myths, the important thing is to celebrate our diversity and help us to understand each other better!

Week 4:

We've all had to get a bit inventive over the last few weeks; and many of us have tried a few kitchen experiments - with varying degrees of success!

This week we'd like you to share photos, recipes or videos from the comfort food recipes which you've made using your store cupboard ingredients - or perhaps you created a new dish using what you had in the fridge? We'd love to see your creations!

Remember to share a short description so that we know what we're seeing!

Week 3:

In these times, it is particularly important to look out for each other; so this week's challenge is to do something (anything) to help someone in the community around you.

Taking part in this week's challenge could be as simple as phoning a neighbour; taking food for someone in isolation; or volunteering in some other way. Warwick Volunteers have some ideas to get you started.

Please do share your pictures or stories with us on social media or the form below.

Week 2:

We're sure you're missing campus as much as we are!

This week's challenge is to create a model of something (or somewhere!) on campus; using only items found around your room or your home! So if you have a favourite sculpture, work of art, or place on campus - let's see your ode to it!

Please do share your creations with us below!

Week 1:

We've heard a few people mention that their hands are tired from holding up their phones/ tablets from too much videoconferencing - so the challenge this week is to make something useful (e.g. a phone or tablet holder) from materials which you would otherwise throw away (think empty cereal boxes, loo roll holder, etc.).

If you can't think of anything useful which you need, why not make a child's toy out of your rubbish - and make it look as good as possible too!