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FAQs - October 2022-23

What is Warwick Presents?

Warwick Presents is a year-round programme of vibrant, visible, campus-based events and activities for students, staff and the local community. Warwick Presents was developed in 2020 as the customer face of the Campus Activation Plan, a high-impact programme designed to bring the campus back to life and celebrate community after the restrictions of Covid-19 lockdowns.

Warwick Presents has webpages which give an idea of the range of activities taking place up till now.

Is Warwick Presents happening in 2022-23?

Warwick Presents is continuing in 2022-23 as a programme to benefit students, staff and the community. The programme is now being led jointly by the University’s new central Student Experience function and members of the original CAP steering group.

Is Warwick Presents the same as in previous years?

We’ve made some updates to the objectives and funding criteria this year, aligning this away from being a pandemic response and more closely towards the University’s strategic priorities of supporting inclusion, belonging and community. In reality, the essence of the programme remains the same: Warwick Presents will continue to provide vibrant activities for students, staff and the local community. Students should be welcome to participate, and able to benefit from, all events.

What defines a Warwick Presents event?

All events and activities are designed to:

  • Focus on creating community
  • Bring the campus to life; be multi-sensory and memorable
  • Help students get involved in university life and make connections with others
  • Be purposefully inclusive and drive engagement between diverse groups
  • Be accessible and appropriate in the context of the current cost of living crisis

Who designs the events?

Events can be designed and delivered by any University team that wishes to include its event under the Warwick Presents umbrella and benefit from promotional support. By promoting University-wide social and extra-curricular activities under a single brand we bring greater coherence and clarity for students, greater promotional power and the opportunity to evaluate success using common strategic criteria.

What factors do I need to consider?

Health and Safety: All planned activities require you to carry out a risk assessment with sign-off from University health and safety.

Procurement: If you are planning to work with external suppliers to deliver your event, you will need to follow the University’s procurement rules and guidelines.

Estates and security: There are often significant considerations to running events on the campus estate including factors such as crowd management, ticketing and security risks. The Steering Group will liaise with you as needed to determine whether the event is viable.

Promotion: We will promote your event through a range of channels and monitor sign-ups.

Bookings: We can run participant bookings through our central system.

Applying for funding

University departments proposing events can bid for funding via the Warwick Presents application form .

Operational delivery: In 2022-23 you will need to provide the people to manage and run your event from end to end. If you need to hire in additional workers to do this (e.g. student helpers), this should be factored into the budget requested.

What are the funding criteria?

A successful bid will:

  • Clearly meet the above Essential criteria and a number of Desirable criteria set out on the application form.
  • Be open to students from all disciplines.
  • Ideally form part of a broader programme for supporting community and the student experience
  • Have clear objectives and a plan for measuring impact
  • Detail the resources (people) you have allocated to manage, plan and deliver the event

How should I evaluate my event?

Warwick Presents requires event/activity owners to evaluate the success of their event, capturing quantitative as well as qualitative data. A standard feedback form has been created to help the programme gather consistent and meaningful feedback on the impact of Warwick Presents for satisfaction, belonging, community and inclusion. This is supported by the Market Research team and will be made available once your event is confirmed.

What is the application timeline?

Bids can be submitted at any time and will be considered by the Steering Group at its next monthly meeting. You should aim to submit your bid a week before the Steering Group meets.

Steering Group meetings in 2022/23 will take place in the following weeks:

Week commencing:

3 October

7 November

5 December

9 January

6 February

6 March

3 April

8 May

Application Form

Please complete the Warwick Presents application form and return to j dot evans at warwick dot ac dot uk