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Student-Led Events

The Global Connections Community is your space; so we want to encourage and empower you to create events that you would like to see and share with the Community! (Think fitness workout; silent disco; knit and natter; coffee break; or midnight feast - YOU have the power!)

We’ve created a student-led events calendar in the Global Connections Community so that you can create and input your events at a time that suits you. (We only ask that you avoid scheduling an event which clashes with anything which is already in the calendar.)

Who can add events to this calendar?

  • Any student (individuals; informal groups or student societies)
  • Any staff members who want to show or chat about a skill/ hobby (perhaps outside of their work role) with interested students.

How to view and join in with the events:

  1. First, join the Global Connections Community using your address and log-in details
  2. Select your chosen event in the Student-led events calendar
  3. On the day of the event, click the join link for your chosen events!

How to add your event to the calendar:

  1. Join the Global Connections Community using your email address (you need to be in the Community in order to access the calendar).
  2. Schedule your event in the ‘Student-led events calendar’ within the Global Connections Community (See screenshots below for how to do this).
    • Please make sure the event doesn't clash with an existing event.
    • Provide your contact details and join links in the event description (so that interested students know who to contact in case they have any questions about the event)!
    • Please be mindful of others in our diverse community. The event needs to be in keeping with our "Community rules" and University values.
  3. Before the event: Ensure that any event co-presenters have also joined the community using their Warwick email address (this will enable them to see chat and other interactions in the event).
    They can leave the Community after the event if they wish; though we’d love for people to stick around and enjoy connecting with others too.

Important things to note...

  • The events published on the calendar are organised independently by individuals and are not representative of the views of the Global Connections Community or the University.
  • It is your responsibility as an event creator to ensure that it is in keeping with the rules and any legal requirements which may govern the event (e.g. copyright rules for events involving audio/video elements).

Need some help?

If you've got a question about the calendar, or if you want to see if anyone else would be interested in joining you for your event - you can share your ideas or questions with the community. You can share your questions or ideas with the Community in this thread (remember to join the Community first; using your Warwick log-in details.

How to schedule an event

  • Find the link to the calendar at the top of the student led events channel


  • In the calendar click the day/time you want to host your event or click add new event at the top. Make sure your event doesn't clash with any existing events in the calendar!

screenshot 2

  • Fill out the details about the event making sure you provide your contact details and join links in the event description. This will enable interested students to contact you if they have any questions about the event.

Screenshot 5

  • Click Send in the top right hand corner and you're done!

screenshot 6

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