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One Night of Wander

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An astronaut, talking bins, lasers and our celebrity cat are just some of the things popping up on campus for One Night of Wander on Saturday 12 March 4pm-9pm.

Bringing together Green Week, our Apprentice Challenge and Window Wanderland this will be one evening not to miss.

Timetable for the evening:

16:00 - 21:00 Smoothie Bikes (Piazza)

16:00 - 21:00 Laser Conveyor (Piazza outside Pret)

16:00 - 21:00 Window Wanderland Trail (see map)

16:30 - 17:00 Urban Astronaut Performance (Upper Piazza area - it's a flying spaceman you can't miss it)

11:00 - 21:00 Late opening for Dappled Light exhibition (Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre)

17:30 - 18:00 Rolf the Campus Cat PA (Piazza at the Laser Conveyor gazebo)

18:30 - 19:00 Urban Astronaut Performance (Upper Piazza area - it's a flying spaceman you can't miss it)

11:00 - 21:00 Food Market (Benefactors Plaza)

09:00 - 23:00 Benugo restaurant open (Warwick Arts Centre)

00:00 - 23:59 nodBINS talking Recycling Bins (look for bins with the orange sticker on!)

00:00 - 23:59 Giant Window of Wonder (Faculty of Arts Building)

What wanderful things are happening?

The Urban Astronaut – an outdoor theatre performance with Highly Sprung’s flying spaceman.

There will be two opportunities to catch this award winning theatre company's performance in the piazza, at 4:30pm and 6:30pm.

Combining stunning design, unseen before, an aerial performance (using a unique travelling flying machine that suspends the performer 20ft in the air) with simple storytelling and a moving message, the Urban Astronaut travels through towns and cities searching for a solution to the environmental disaster that is present in our near future.

Burping bins aka nodBINS

Throwing away your rubbish has never been so fun! Use the bins on campus and they will ‘talk’ back with voices and noises submitted by students. nodBINS are a network of rechargeable devices that will be temporarily installed in campus bins to emit sound when people recycle their rubbish. Warwick students will be invited via a social media campaign to record and submit sounds that they believe will encourage more students to recycle on campus. 6-8 nodBINS will be installed on the recycling side of bins on campus for one week to coincide with Green Week and conclude with One Night of Wander Gathering...but can you find them all?

Smoothie Bikes

Grab a free smoothie from one of our 2 smoothie bikes…the only price is your leg power. Pedal as fast as you can to blend your own drink!

The Apprentice Challenge

Who will be crowned champions and be ‘hired’ by Baroness Sugar in a special challenge from Escape Live. Teams of students will compete against each other in an all day challenge that will really put them through their paces, resulting in a 5pm boardroom finale in the piazza where you can see how well, or badly the teams have fared throughout the day.

And as night falls watch the campus residencies come alive with colourful windows of wonder – have a wander or if you are feeling brave enough grab a go on a discounted e-scooter and follow our trail around the windows…

Giant Window of Wonder

To accompany last year’s impressive tree of knowledge window still on display in The Oculus, we will be installing a new bespoke window in the FAB designed and created by Vortex Creates. Come and grab a photo and pose with our giant window and giant Warwick sign!

Window Wanderland on campus

With free decorating kits and workshops delivered by Warwick Arts Centre, we will be filling the campus with hundreds of colourful windows on three themes, #WarwickSpring, Green Planet and Rolf the cat! With prizes for the best window in each CATegory we need our visitors to help us pick a winner. All registered window makers will be invited to a free artist-led workshop on 2 March in the Arts Centre to help you make your window.

Order your decorating kit NOW!

Dappled Light

Rana Begum's vibrant exhibition Dappled LightLink opens in a new window will stay open until 9pm so you can explore her paintings, sculptures and installations that play with our perception of light and colour.

And the cat – what’s he doing?

No event on campus would be the same without Rolf! He will be joining us, if he’s feline like it…to see the Wanderful Windows created in his honour and may help pick a winner. Come and get a Rolfie with our favourite honorary student.

The Laser Conveyor

Get creative and beam your own bespoke message across campus – what will yours say? Brought to campus straight from LudicRooms' City of Culture supported Random String Festival,

This piece encourages students to think about and communicate the best things about being on campus in a light-hearted and poetic way. Students are invited to choose words that reflect their feelings about life on campus via a 90s themed interactive piece of street theatre

Those words are then laser projected on a huge scaleLink opens in a new window for one night on a prominent campus site in a continuous stream of co-created poetry using word tiles that travel along a 2-metre conveyor belt. On campus leading up to One Night of Wander our students may stumble across the 'Warwick Superhighway Inf@point' interactive kiosk dusted off from a forgotten storeroom and not seen since 1995. Using a clunky beige keyboard students will be to submit words that will be available for you to choose for the conveyor belt.

Food Market

Grab a bite to eat and a hot drink from our Pizza Firetruck, , Poutine Punks or Flying Cows food stalls to help you enjoy your One Night of Wander!


All students can order a free window decorating kit to collect from Senate House reception and take part in free workshops delivered by Warwick Arts Centre. Book your kit now, and get an email with inspiration on how to make a window...and details how you can make sure visitors can vote for your window to win. Prizes available in each category! You can also register your team for The Apprentice Challenge now!

Window Wanderland Kit Ordering Form

The Apprentice Challenge Registration

If you are a member of staff and currently working from an office on campus or are part of the Residential Life Team…we want you to decorate your office or flat window! Register on the form to receive your free kit too!

Window Wanderland Kit Ordering Form

Urban Astronaut

The Oculus Window of Wander