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The return of Karthik to his childhood home and the memories from his past. Is this everything what it seems or something else entirely. Relive his emotions, believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see as you discover the mystery of his childhood and a shocking revelation.

The attachment of a child, neglected by his parents, finding solace in a doll, Scorch, his friend, his life and a trusty companion. Are interactions with toys just children’s creativity and imagination or could there be something else at play?

This film contains disturbing scenes and we are sadly unable to host it on our website. You can still vote for the film in the Audience Favourite Award category.




Team: RRR

Sai Karthik Boppana

Karthik (Lead Actor)

Rohit Sanjay Talreja

Karthik’s Father; Screenplay, Dialogues, and Casting

Khushi Parekh

Karthik’s Mother

Krishi Ahuja

Director, Editor, and DOP

Eshika Agrawal

Lighting, Prop director

Shaurya Dhar

Set designer