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The Apprentice Challenge

The Apprentice Challenge

    • Saturday 12 March 2022
    • 10am-12:30pm* - 5pm
    • Free | 18+ or accompanied by adults for <18 (family friendly PG rating!)
    • Active | Creative | Outdoors
    • All over campus, ending at the Piazza 'Boardroom'

Inspired loosely by the BBC favourite 'The Apprentice', our team building game, brought to you by Escape Live, will really put you and your teammates to the test to try and beat the world-famous boardroom!

All teams will receive a pack of fun, engaging and important challenges to complete from Baroness Sugar in our fancy boardroom. You then will have until 4pm to complete a set of fun, challenging and creative tasks all based around campus buildings, sculptures and locations. The tasks will be creating photos, using props, videos using sculptures, art using googly eyes...nothing like BUSINESS ;)

Once you think you have completed a task, you will send your proof to one of 'the Boss's' trusted advisors using your smartphones. They will then inform you whether you have been successful or not. Only once all challenges have been completed, or the time runs out, will all teams meet back at the Piazza Boardroom to find out which will be hired... and which, ultimately, will be fired! A grand finale will happen at 5pm where you will see high and lowlights from all teams across the day. From 4pm you will also be able to enjoy the activities as part of One Night of WanderLink opens in a new window, so you can see performances by Highly Sprung, pedal yourself to a free smoothie, find our talking recycling bins and play with Ludic Room's interactive laser installation! You can also wander round to find our campus Window Wanderland efforts, both small and our new 2022 massive creation by Vortex Creates. There is even the possibility of a selfie with our famous campus cat Rolf!

Once your team is booked onto the challenge you will receive more information about the day then you just need to get ready to WIN...or have fun trying.

There is a prize worth £250 for the winning team!

*your team can decide exactly when to start the challenge and you can book a boardroom briefing...but the Piazza Boardroom convenes at 5pm. Will you have a lie-in and cram your challenges into 4 hours or will you catch the early worm and spend 6 hours perfecting EVERY task? The choice (and risk) is yours!

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