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Take 24

Warwick Presents Take 24: "4 Hour Filmmaking Competition

The films are in!

Take 24 is our annual 24 hour short filmmaking competition.

The clock started ticking at 6pm on Friday 2 February. Teams had just 24 hours to write, shoot and edit a 3min 30sec short film using only their guile, wit and probably a smartphone.

18 teams submitted their final cuts by the deadline and treated us to a wide variety of films: from mystery to murder and heartbreak to hamsters, we had it all!

Your Audience Favourite

The votes are counted and verified and we're pleased to announce the people's choice is...

Beastly Gentlemen

The winning teammates will each receive a £7.50 Theatre voucher, spendable on cinema tickets at Warwick Arts Centre. We'll be back with more in 2025!

Previous Years

Want to check out the competition and find out what on earth all the teapots are about? Click the buttons below to watch the films from 2022 and 2023!

Judging Panel 2024

Daniel Kallin, Vice President Student Cinema

Daniel Kallin (he/him)
Vice President, Student Cinema

Daniel runs the independent cinema in which the Take 24 films are being shown, Warwick Student Cinema, as Vice-President in-between studying for a degree in Film Studies here at Warwick. Daniel is a projectionist, digitally and on 35mm, and helps organise collaborations for Student Cinema, such as this one.

Anna Taylor, SU President

Anna Taylor (she/hers)
President, Students' Union

Anna is the current President of Warwick Students' Union - she was previously on the exec for the Student Cinema, and as such, has learnt from the best how to thoroughly enjoy films!

Max Pike, Vice President for Societies, Students' Union

Max Pike (he/him)
Vice President for Societies, Students' Union

Max is the VP for Societies at Warwick Students' Union. Having spent the year taking an intensive crash-course in all things student hobby-related, he's excited to jump into the world of films and see what the different participants put together.