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Virtual Bake Off On Campus Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the On Campus Virtual Bake Off!

Bakers were challenged to compete in either the Festive Yule Log category or the Cupcake category.

Festive Yule Log winners:

Eunice Tan

festive yule log with mint sprigs and berries

The judges said:

'This was all about the presentation. The crumble at the front to symbolise snow (well that’s what we thought). Loved the snowman with the icing hat, and also the addition of the berries and sprig of mint is wonderful and so festive.'

JM @baking_throwaway

festive yule log with chocolate mice

The judges said:

'Although rustic looking, there was maximum effort put into creating this. The piping on the stars, the attempt at tempered chocolate shards laid across the top shows dedication to the competition. And we loved the chocolate mice too.'

Cupcake winners:

Evelien Zwanenburg

decorated cupcakes

The judges said:

'Talk about using up every single bit of ingredients provided within the baking kit. Absolutely stunning, very creative, neat and tidy. They look good enough to eat!'

Annabel @brunchdrink

cupcake decorated with a strawberry

The judges said:

'We loved the attention to detail on this one and I agreed, the icing is extremely good and would have taken a lot of time to do with the ingredients which we provided within the kits. I loved the heart, which finished off the cake beautifully.'

For more photos of all the fabulous entries for the On Campus Virtual Bake Off, as well as other activities to get involved in, check out the Warwick Presents Facebook Group.