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Research Interests

Main Research Interests:

  • CULTURE/SOCIETY: Representations of medieval communities/societies - how those who are excluded/included are distinguished; social categorisation; the relation of self and other; boundary crossing.
  • IDENTITY: Medieval identity construction; the possibility of manipulating identity; innate or inherited vs chosen identity; genealogical identity.
  • RACE: Medieval Concepts of race; the interplay between gender and race; the importance of religion/religious conversion for race.
  • GENDER: Categorisation of; flexibility of; conventional identifications.
  • GENRE: The establishment and significance of generic boundaries.
  • THEORY: Theoretical Approaches to medieval literature (especially using psychoanalytic and postcolonial theory).


  • THE MEDIEVAL ARABIC WORLD: The interaction of the medieval French/Occitan realms and the medieval Arabic world is something I wish to pursue in my future academic career. As part of this, I intend to continue to build upon my knowledge of the Arabic language.






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