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My Teaching

Teaching 2011-12

  • FR1012 - Modern French Language I - First Year Essay Classes
  • FR201 - Modern French Language II - Second Year Translation Classes
  • FR115 - French Culture and Society from the Middle Ages to the Revolution - Seminars to be given in term 2



Teaching 2010-11

  • FR201 - Second year French language classes on French Translation


  • FR116 - First Year French Imagination module seminars.

For details of specific seminar discussion and work set, please follow this link to my seminar pages: Vicky Turner's Seminar Pages



Teaching 2009-10

  • I taught one French Essay class on the Second-Year French Language Module, FR201



PGA IAPP Teaching Award

  • I completed the Postgraduate Award Introduction to Academic and Professional Practice in 2011, allowing me to gain academic accreditation for my teaching and to review and develop my teaching practice throughout my PhD studies. For further details about this award, please click here