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Conferences and Talks

Some of the courses and conferences I have attended since I began my doctorate:

  • September 2009 - Emulsion Polymerization Course at Polymat, San Sebastian (Course).
  • July 2010 - MACRO 2010: 43rd IUPAC World Polymer Congress in Glasgow (Poster).
  • June 2011 - SOFT: 13th ESC 2011 hosted by Chalmers in Falkenenberg, Sweden (Poster).
  • March 2012 - RSC Rideal Lecture: Oilfield Fluids: Tales of Mud and Worms (Attendee).
  • March 2012 - CASE award meeting Lancaster Univeristy (Poster).
  • July 2012 - MACRO Group UK Warwick 2012 Polymers (Poster).
  • August 2012 - Gave a talk at AkzoNobel decorative coatings unit in Slough entitled "Beetles, Dice, and Matchsticks – Colloidal Adventures in Opacity, Pickering Stabilization, and Low Reynolds Number Mobility".
  • May 2013 - Giving a talk at the Warwick postgraduate conference on self-propelling colloids than can undergo chemotaxis, and some new and exciting syntheses and applications of anisotropic colloids.