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E-Portfolio: Intan Marzueani

Hello and wecome to my E-Portfolio.
I am a full time research student at the Department of Sociology.
I am from Malaysia and am currently in the final year of my PhD studies.

I dnt get much time to update my E-Portfolio, but do feel free to look around. If you want further info, I'm always happy to share a coffee-talk with anyone of similar interests. In the meantime,why not browse through my Galleria for a virtual experience of diplomacy.

If you would like to know more about my PhD thesis, go straight to my Research Site. I welcome collaborators in film-making & digital media for my research projects. Contact me by email or catch up with me at forthcoming events in Warwick !

Research Interests

Philosophy, Practical Philosophy, Phenomenology, Sociology,
International Relations, Diplomacy, Post-modernism

Research Project

PhD Thesis : "Practical Philosophy:Diplomacy at the boundaries of Modernity"
  • Quantitative survey of international diplomacy
  • Ethnographic study of contemporary diplomats
  • Media documentary : "Diplomatic Diaries : Re-negotiating Representations of Self and Others"


Federal Training Award / Brilliant Service Scholarship(2008-2011)
The Public Service Department & The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

Forthcoming Events


Fieldwork ( Phase II) : Interviews with Diplomats

                                       Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

                                       1st- November - 14 December  2009


Contact :


Sun 22 Nov 2009, 20:35


  Intan Marzueani

Room 3.35
The Department of Sociology
The University of Warwick
United Kingdom

Professor Steve W. Fuller
Deputy Chair of The Department of Sociology

Contact me at:
telephone : +44 (0) 7 526 762 007
fax : +44 (0)24 76 523 497