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Diplomacy & Media Study

The Foreign Policy Film Festival

( Presentation at Workshop on Interdisciplinary Research & Media studies,
Department of Film Studies,University of Warwick, May, 2009 )

In May 2009, a group of top IR (International relations) scholars held a Foreign Policy Film festival in the USA.Nominations for the Top 10 Classic Films/ Movieson Diplomacywere by no least uncontroversial. See what you think about the combined list of Stephen Walt, Daniel Drezner and Fred Kaplan.

The list have now expanded to 43 movieswhich include 7 days in May, Y Tu Mama Tambien,Chungking Express, Apocalypes Now,Conspiracy, Independence Day, The Fith Element ( for more or less covert ops) Close Encountersof the Third Kind ( for peace), Star Wars (for republics), Gladiator (for senates)and Equilibirium(for Totalitarianism).

Anyone game for a nostalgic experience of diplomacyin peace and war ?
Watch the movie with loved ones. (Below is a sneak preview! )


Top 10 All time Diplomacy classics (nominations)

1. Dr. Strange love

2. Casablanca

3. The Great Dictator

4. Gandhi

5. Battle of Algiers

6. Lawrence of Arabia

7. Goodbye lenin

8. Fail Safe

9. Foreign correspondent

10. The lady vanishes

11. To Be or Not to Be

12. Independence Day

13. The Godfathers (Part III)

14. The Lion in Winter

15. Children of Men

16. Revolution and war

17. The Wannsee Conference

18. Wag the Dog

19. The Discreet Charm of Diplomacy

20. Grand Illusion

Previews of nominations

Foreign Correspondent

Goodbye Lenin


Y tu Mama tambien

Other Contemporary Representations of Diplomacy

Find below the various media representations of diplomacy from popular culture, sub-urban culture, mainstream media culture, indie media,reality shows, etc.

Humane Diplomacy

What a Wonderful world is

Alien Diplomacy

Star Trek : Diplomatic journeys

En Vogue Diplomacy

Sexualism and Consumerism

Diplomacy of violence

Spy diplomacy/ Terror diplomacy/ Coercive diplomacy/ Abusive Diplomacy


Realist Diplomacy : Power, Indulgence & Vanity

Anti-Realism ?

Smart-power Diplomacy

Consultation is not a catchword

"Funny Diplomacy"/ Cynicism / Professional

An amusing depiction of the history and current foreign policies of the UK

A tragically S(f)unny Chat

[media title='Video'] [/media]

"Friendly Diplomacy"

A Historical moment ?

Food Diplomacy

Feeding the world under one roof

Public Diplomacy 2.0

Facebooking The War of Ideas :

Feminine Diplomacy

Swiss Logic : Vist of the Foreign Minister to Harvard University

Charade Diplomacy

A reality show of a Diplomatic Conference

Hollywood Diplomacy

Good Morning show: strategy game

Muppet Diplomacy

No episodes to display.

Posters & Quotes









A seductive, sexually violent potrayal of American hegemony by rock icon Madonna

"American Life"

I'd like to express my extreme point of view

Im not a Christian and Im not a Jew

Im just living out the American dream

and i just realized that nothing is what it seems

Oh American life

This type of modern life, is it for me ?

This type of modern life, is it for free ?

This type of modern life, is it for real ?

007 degrees of excitement

Madonna on the horrors and pleasures of pain

"Die Another Day"

Im gonna keep this secret

Im gonna break the cycle

Im gonna avoid the cliche

Im gonna shake the system

Im gonna detroy me ego

Im gonna close my body now

Sigmund Freud ,

Analyze this, analyze this, analyze this...

"The Diplomats" Debunking diplomacy

"I Really Mean It"

Young Guru, Just Blaze, Killa, Diplomats, huh

...Im a genius, poppadopalis, never learning

on your Zenith ( I really mean it)

Killa, bury your mutts, they actually all ducks

Caddy more trucks, daddy's Warbucks

And you Orphan Annie

Ma, take of your panties

Hilary Clinton's Smarting up Power-Diplomacy

"We must use what has been called Smart Power.

The full range of tools at our dispossal; diplomatic, economic, military,political, legal and cultural.

Picking the right tool or combination of tools for each situation.

With smart power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of our foreign policy."

Divide & Rule : A Pig's breakfast

"the Foreign Office is terribly pleased!

Its just like old times .....

The more members there are,

the more disagreements it can stir up,

the more futile and impotent...

What apalling cynism...

we call it diplomacy"

A Book and a friendly pat for Obama

"A picture is worth a 100 years (words)"

"...words and handshakes are nice, but they're not enough..."

Addressing the Intellectuals

"I would just like to mention...

Please dialogue at the Human Rights Conseil

..(err)..dn't stay apart,

please...(err) ...

discuss with the Iranians.

Please discuss.

Dn't,Dn't,Dn't have the pessimistist...

as the only strategy;military forces...."