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3D Diplomacy

3D Diplomacy

Hello and welcome to my research site. I hope you will find it useful and interesting. Here you can get an insight into my research project; including information about my theoretical framework, methodology, methods, fieldwork and research guidelines.You may also be interested to have a look at my schedule and get updates on evets such as conferences, seminars, fieldwork, performances and survey period. If you are interested to collaborate in this project, feel free to propose a meeting, or join the online survey.

If you wish for further details, do contact me at


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Intan Marzueani

Doctoral Researcher
Room 3.35
Department of Sociology
Faculty of Social Science
The University of Warwick
Tel No:(+44)07 526762007
Fax No: (+44) 2476 578940


Steve Fuller

Professor Steve W. Fuller

Philosopher of Science & Sociology
Deputy Chair of The Department of Sociology
Tel No.: (+44) 2476 523940
Fax No: (+44) 2476 523497

Academic Institution:

The University of Warwick
Faculty of Social Science
Department of Sociology
Ramphal Building,
Coventry,CV4 7AL
United Kingdom

Research Funding:

Government of Malaysia
The Public Service Department
Federal Training Scholarship Award for Brilliant Service (2008-2011)

PHD Project :

"Practical Philosophy: Diplomacyat the boundaries of modernity"

i) Quantitative survey of contemporary international diplomacy

ii) Ethnographic study of the diplomatic community

iii) Media Documentary : Re-negotiating Representations of Self & Others