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Chris Bloomer

Welcome! I am a PhD student studying at the Warwick Diamond Science & Technology Centre. Specifically, I am studying the use of single-crystal diamond as an X-ray detector for synchrotron light sources.

Synchrotrons are machines which produce highly intense, focussed beams of X-rays for scientific research. You can learn more about how synchrotrons work here.

The goal of my research is to improve our methods of determining the electronic properties of diamond samples, and to make better detectors. This PhD is exploring how to accurately test the raw diamond for defects and dislocations in a cost-effective manner; how best to process the raw diamond into suitable thin, uniform plates; and finally establish reliable methods to apply surface electrodes to the diamond.

Research Interests

Broadly, my interests lie in diamond technology, and synchrotron light source instrumentation. Specifically, I am working on:

  • Optical analysis of diamond samples
  • Laser fabrication of graphitic structures in diamond
  • Solid state detector theory
  • Synchrotron beamline design and stability

A diamond X-ray sensor

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Acknowledgements and Disclaimers

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Chris Bloomer

Part-time PhD student
in physics


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