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My Background

I completed my Undergrad at Lancaster University and began work at Diamond Light Source in 2007. After several years of working at Diamond, in 2016 I returned to academia and began a part-time PhD: a collaboration between the Warwick Diamond Science & Technology Centre, Diamond Light Source, and Element Six. I submitted my thesis in December 2022 and sucesfully defended my PhD in March 2023.

In 2020 I was promoted to Senior Diagnostics Physicist at Diamond Light Source, where my primary work now is to develop innovative new diagnostics and instrumentation for beamlines, and to lead the X-ray beamline diagnostics work package of the Diamond-II upgrade (a major £500M upgrade programme).

Diamond Light Source Ltd

At Diamond Light Source (DLS) I am responsible for the measurement and improvement of photon beam stability for our beamlines. This includes providing advice regarding the procurement, installation, and operation of X-ray beam instruments, and to deliver stability reporting and advice, guiding future beamline design.

I lead the development, procurement, installation, calibration, and commissioning of new diagnostic systems. This ranges from innovative, bespoke X-ray detectors for DLS's beamlines to more conventional instrumentation such as temperature sensors and accelerometers. My work includes managing innovative projects that include team members and expertise from groups across Diamond and from our commercial partners.

It is important to understand the needs of both beamlines and external users so that we can provide the best instrumentation possible, tailored to a beamline's particular requirements. I work to develop new techniques and methods, as reliable X-ray diagnostics are essential during beamline commissioning, during routine ‘start-up’, and during data collection itself. This work helps DLS remain at the cutting edge of scientific research, and is an important contribution to the huge amount of research that is produced at Diamond each year.

A photo of Chris Bloomer sat inside the Diamond Light Source accelerator tunnel.

Lancaster University

Between 2003 and 2007 I studied Physics at Lancaster University. Modules including Particle Detector Laboratory, Low Temperature Laboratory, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Statistical Thermodynamics, and Optoelectronics. I developed applied physics skills through my courses in practical laboratory work, mathematical analysis techniques, and in IT skills including the use of MATLAB and LATEX that I've since put to good use!

I also worked for the University Administration Department, processing late student arrivals to Lancaster. This involved meeting with the arrivals, ensuring that they were correctly entered into the University's systems.

In my spare time I acted on a number of committees: as Secretary of the Sub-Aqua Club, and Secretary and subsequently President of the Canoe Club. I have a BUSA silver medal for white water race kayaking, and competed at both University and national events for Canoe Polo and Slalom.

A photo of Chris Bloomer holding a mug of tea.

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