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Personal Statement Requirements


A Personal Statement of no more than 750 words is required for us to assess your application. You will be required to answer the first two questions and then be able to pick your third question to answer.


  1. Please explain why you are applying for the specific course on the Warwick IFP and what modules on the course interest you (approx. 250 words)
  2. Explain how your chosen course relates to your future academic studies and career aspirations
    (approx. 250 words)

    And please answer ONE of the following three questions:
  3. The university invites distinguished guest speakers representing a wide range of experiences and accomplishments. What person, past or present, would you invite to speak? What question would you like to ask him or her? (approx. 250 words)
  4. The lessons we take from difficulties or obstacles we encounter can be vital to later success. Tell us about a challenge, setback or failure that you have experienced. How did it affect you and what did you learn from the experience? (approx. 250 words)
  5. The vast majority of students on the Warwick IFP live on campus. Write a paragraph to your future roommate about yourself that will help your roommate, and us, know you better. (approx. 250 words)

Have a question about your Personal Statement? Contact us via ifp at warwick dot ac dot uk