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Yuhan, India

Yuhan is originally from India, but has lived and studied in Dubai. He completed our Law IFP and is now studying Law at the University of York.

How did you find out about the Warwick IFP?

In Dubai I was in a British school and I was doing my AS-levels. Back home in Dubai I have a university counsellor and we were looking at Law courses and the rankings of the universities. Warwick was one which kept appearing in the top 10. We found out about the Law IFP and I was signed up within two weeks. It all happened very fast, but I'm glad!

How have you found the course so far?

It's better than expected; I was expecting intense work but it's not just intense work, it's mixing in with other students, having your own ideas heard and getting involved in lessons with your tutor.

What are you hoping to do after the IFP?

I'm hoping to study Law at Warwick too. This is one of the good things about Warwick, it is one of the few universities that provide their own foundation programme. I'm happy that it's on campus, so we don't feel excluded from anything, we feel involved in everything and I can do all of the same things as first year undergraduates.

Have you met many other students at the University?

I have already made friends with some undergraduates - seniors from my school are here, and there's other students from Dubai and India and the Middle East here too. We have three floors in our accommodation, which include some undergraduates and we've all really gelled. Even local students have introduced me to some of their traditions; they tell me about the UK and I tell them about life in India and Dubai.

What are you looking forward to on your course?

Hopefully getting four distinctions in modules! I'm excited to see snow, because I've not experienced that yet either!

What advice would you give to students thinking about joining the IFP?

Be well informed about the deadlines for applications! Foundation programmes are also really good for subjects such as Law, because it's a course that doesn't have any subject requirements at undergraduate level, but I feel doing a foundation in Law has prepared me better. I feel that I have the upper hand, having already studied some Law.