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Graduate Route: Exceptional Requests for Early Reporting

When will the University normally make the report to the UKVI, without me making a special request?

The University is required to make a report to the UKVI concerning all students who may be eligible for the 'Graduate Route' based on the records it holds. You therefore do not need to make a separate request, or register your interest. The necessary report will be made automatically and you will be informed when this has been done.

Undergraduate (Bachelors) Graduates End of July
Undergraduate (Bachelors) Graduates with August/September Resits End of October
Postgraduate Taught (Masters) Graduates* Mid-December
Postgraduate Research (PhD) Graduates* Within 3 weeks of Senate Conferral

*Students in Academic Extension (Masters and PhD students) must verify with their Academic Department whether their degree will be conferred by the University Senate before their Student Visa Expiry Date. If it may not and they still wish to remain eligible for the Graduate Route Visa, such students must make a Student Visa Extension application whilst they still have an academic reason to do so (work still to submit).

Can the University make the report to the UKVI earlier?

In the vast majority of cases, it will not be to your advantage to apply for the 'Graduate Route' straight away upon successfully completing your course. It is likely that you will wish to wait until closer to your Tier 4/student visa expiry date because:

  • The leave granted as a result of a successful application for the 'Graduate Route' will be for a fixed term beginning from the date your application is decided. This means that the earlier you apply, the earlier the eventual end date of the new visa will be.
  • Your Tier 4/student visa already permits certain types of work, including full-time work, during the period following the end of your course.
  • You have until the expiry date of your student/Tier 4 visa to apply, which is normally 4 months after your course has ended.
  • You should take time to make sure that the 'Graduate Route' visa is the best option for you in your circumstances before you consider applying. This is because there are many other visa categories available depending on your situation, or depending on any employment you may have secured. If you are granted a 'Graduate Route' visa and change your mind, your application fees will not be refunded.

However, if you believe that a report should have already been made to the UKVI in your circumstance but hasn't, or you know you have successfully completed your course and need to apply for the Graduate Route Urgently, please use the below form.

This is only possible:

  • if you have successfully completed your course, your department exam board has provided you with the results, and you meet the other Graduate Route requirements.
  • if you have a specific, exceptional reason for needing to apply to the 'Graduate Route' before the timescale provided above, e.g. because you have secured employment which is not permitted under your Tier 4/student visa, or you need to leave the UK soon and not return until after your existing visa has expired.
  • if you can evidence the above reason. You will need to upload evidence to the form when you notify us, otherwise your request will not be processed.
  • if, after reading the above table carefully, you believe that a report has not yet been sent to the UKVI but should have been in your case (please check your Warwick email carefully before submitting the form).


Telling us you Require a Report to be sent to the UKVI earlier than the above timetable for a specific reason

Please only submit this form if you have read, and you meet, the above requirements. If you do not, or if you do not attach any evidence with your request, your request will be disregarded. 

We cannot provide advice via this form. If you have a question about how, when, or whether to apply for this visa that are not answered above and on our webpages, please contact us using our contact form instead.

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