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Travelling to other countries


Section 1: Purpose and Contents of this page:

During your studies, you may be planning to travel to another country for Exchange, Research or Student abroad as a part of your course. This page has been created to give guidance for travelling to other countries.

Please ensure you have carefully read the guidance provided for your situation BEFORE you contact Student Immigration.

Section 2: If your period of study abroad is organised by Student Opportunity: Student Mobility

You will need to contact the Student Mobility TeamLink opens in a new window and they will be able to provide you with the releavtn information.
This includes whether you will receive an invitation letter from the host institution and visa information, as appropriate.

Section 3: If your period of study/research abroad is organised independently

You should contact your host organisation to enquire whether they can provide you further information and a visa application supporting letter.

Section 4: If you are travelling for university business

For example, it is part of your course or your academic department is paying for you to attend non-EU conferences, you may be covered by University Overseas Business Travel InsuranceLink opens in a new window:

Please contact Insurance Services directly if you require an insurance letter for your visa application.

Section 5: If you have further queries and useful links:

The Immigration & Compliance team is unable to provide you with visa or immigration advice for any other country beyond the UK.

If you require additional help, you will need to research into your visa options.

You may wish to liaise with the host institution/ conference organiser, and you may wish to look at the relevant country's embassy website. These should contain information on what types of visas are available and how to make an application.

You can find a full list of the foreign embassies in the UKLink opens in a new window.

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