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Right to Study / Visas That Allow Study At The University of Warwick

Section 1: Purpose and Contents of this page:

This page has been made to provide guidance on Right to Study / Visas that allow studies at The University of Warwick

To undertake any study in the UK, the university is required to make a ‘right to study’ check before allowing any academic engagement.

Section 2: What does study mean?

Study means:

Any academic engagement, whether award-bearing or not, with the University.

This includes:

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate taught courses

Postgraduate research courses

English Language courses

International Foundation Programme

Re-sitting examinations

Re-submitting assessed courseworkLink opens in a new window

Attending a viva

Undertaking a short course

Visiting the University as part of a distance learning course

Visiting PhD Research

Visiting Undergraduate Research

Any other activity that is not listed but is deemed as study by the immigration rules - contact us for further guidanceLink opens in a new window

but excludes:

Attending a graduation ceremony

Undertaking an internship (work)

TraineeshipLink opens in a new window

Research only placementLink opens in a new window

Section 3: British and Irish Nationals:

If you hold one of the following passports, and it is valid and in date, then you automatically hold the Right to Study in the UK at the University of Warwick:

  • A valid UK passport that states you are a British Citizen

  • A valid Irish passport that states you are an Irish Citizen

If you cease to be a British or Irish Citizen whilst you are enrolled at the University, you will become subject to a Right to Study Check as below.

Section 4: People subject to immigration status (non British/Irish nationals):

You are subject to Immigration Control If you are not a British or Irish Citizen.

This is also the case if you are a:

    • British Overseas Territories citizen
    • British Overseas citizen
    • British subject
    • British National (Overseas)
    • British protected person
    • EU/EEA/Swiss nationals

This means, before you can begin your course, you must present to the University your Valid proof of Identity (Passport / Travel Document) and confirmation of Right to Study Document (Visa) for a Right to Study check.

A list of visas that allow/ do not allow study can be found hereLink opens in a new window. Whilst some visa categories do not prohibit studying, there may be some risks and restrictions if you undertake full-time study on a non-student visa.

For information on what evidence is required, please refer to our Select Visa type webpage.

Your immigration documents will then be checked to see if they are valid and confer the right to study:

  • If they pass:
    • You will be permitted to enrol
  • If they do not pass:
    • You will not be permitted to enrol.

If you are unable to provide any evidence that meets the above criteria, education providers in the UK are not permitted to allow you to study.

Please note:

If your documents that confer the Right to Study, that is your Travel Document and / or visa, change, you will need to advise the University and undergo the Right to Study Check again.

Section 5: How do I know what type of visa I am holding?

The name of the leave (visa) is present on your BRP, UKVI decision letter or the decision email.

For information on how to select visa type when completing course registration, please refer to our Select Visa type webpage.

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