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What type of visa/immigration permission do I need to study?

If you are from outside of the EEA (including Switzerland), it is important that you ensure you have an appropriate visa or immigration permission for studying in the UK.

Studying means ANY engagement with the University, including undertaking resit examinations but excluding your graduation ceremony.

Your immigration permission should match your main purpose for being in the UK.

For example, if your main purpose for being in the UK is to study full-time, you should apply for a Tier 4 Student visa.

We have created a table to show which types of visas are permissable for studying in the UK.

Please note however, that this table gives general guidance and you are advised to read the relevant web page for detailed information on each visa category.

Whilst some visa categories do not prohibit studying, there may be some risks and restrictions if you undertake full-time study on a non student visa.

We have also included a web page which contains images of the most common types of visas we see which we hope may be useful for your reference.

This list is not exhaustive and is for illustrative purposes only.

If, after reading the information on the immigration advice webpages, you are unsure which type of visa is most appropriate for you, or whether the visa you currently hold permits you to study, please contact us for advice.