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English Language Test and Certificate

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More information about English language tests and certificates

You may be aware that the Home Office UKVI (UK Visas & Immigration) announced major changes to the Secure English Language Tests (SELTs) which would be acceptable for use in UK visa applications in April 2015. As a result, from 12 November 2015, only IELTS taken in test centres approved by the Home Office (and have 'UKVI reference number' printed on the test certificate) will be acceptable for use in a UK visa application. The list of acceptable SELT has since been reviewed and updated by the UKVI and you can find the latest approved list of SELT on GOV website.

For ease of understanding, we will refer to this type of test as 'SELT for UKVI'.

The majority of the applicants and offer holders who wish to pursue degree-level study (undergraduate degree, Masters degree or PhD) are not required to have a 'SELT for UKVI'. This is because the University of Warwick is a Higher Education Institution (HEI) and a Student visa sponsor and so is permitted to set our own policy on English language assessment.

However, if you wish to take the Pre-sessional English language course, you may be required to take the 'SELT for UKVI'. Please refer to the FAQ section below for further information.

Please also be aware that if you are applying for the Pre-sessional English course or a degree level course or above, our admissions team will only consider the most recent test results you have taken. Therefore, if you have taken an English test multiple times, please submit only the most recent test result with your application/to meet your offer condition, and all your earlier test results will be ignored when the latest one is received.

Frequently asked questions

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  • As stated above, the University of Warwick continues to accept a variety of English language tests and certificates when you apply for a course to study with us, and this English language requirement applies to both EU/EEA students, international students who require a Student visa, and international students who do not require a Student visa.

    Please refer to the detailed and the most up to date English language requirements to secure an offer of a place here:

    Undergraduate courses

    Postgraduate courses

    WMG full time Masters courses

    International Foundation Programme

    Study Abroad/Exchange courses

  • For offer holders pursuing a below degree level course, for example, the IFP course, taking a 'SELT for UKVI' is mandatory. This is because the University is not permitted to assess your English language abilities independently.

    If you are looking to study a full time postgraduate degree at Warwick at the start of an academic year, having a 'SELT for UKVI' would also have the benefit of enabling you to apply for a Student visa to attend the Pre-sessional English language course (PSE), where you were unable to meet your offer conditions for the main course in time to secure a 'combined CAS' (this means you receive one CAS which covers the duration of both the Pre-sessional English course and the main degree course).

  • This will depend on the course you will be studying at Warwick.

    If you will be studying a course at degree level and above (this includes undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees - all at RQF level 6 or above), as an HEI (higher education institution) and Student visa sponsor, the University of Warwick is able to make its own assessment of your English language ability. The University has taken the decision that for all such students, your CAS will state that the University has made its own assessment of your English language abilities and what was used as the basis of assessment. This means that you should choose 'Your sponsor is an HEI and has made its own assessment' on your Student visa application form (provided that your CAS contains the same information), and you do not need to provide an English language certificate or the evidence quoted on your CAS with your Student visa application.

    Please note: the UKVI may, very rarely, request further information about your English language competency when assessing your visa application, once you have attended your visa appointment. Please ensure that you check your email regularly after submitting your visa application to avoid missing important email requests.

    If you will be studying a course below degree level (Warwick International Foundation programme at RQF Level 3, a Diploma course at RQF Level 5 or a CAS for the Pre-sessional English course only), the University is not permitted to make its own assessment of English language ability. Therefore, if you will require a Student visa to study the course, you must ensure that you take a 'SELT for UKVI' test that the University accepts in order to be assigned a CAS. Your English language scores and UKVI reference number will be clearly listed on your CAS and you will need to provide the relevant details when applying for a UK Student visa.

  • If you have received an offer for an Undergraduate degree:

    The PSE course has moved to online delivery for undergraduate courses. If you have applied for an undergraduate degree in 2022/23, you will not require a Student visa to come to the UK to study the PSE course. If you are already in the UK and wish to remain in the UK for the PSE course, please contact us (click on 'Online Enquiry Form' at the foot of this webpage) so that we can help you explore your visa options.

    We would expect that you would meet the attendance, engagement and academic requirements for the PSE course and successfully complete it - please refer to your main course offer and bespoke email from Undergraduate Admissions team for further information, including when a CAS will be issued.

    If you have received an offer for a Postgraduate degree:

    For 2022/23, the PSE course will be delivered in the UK on campus. If you decide to take the PSE course because you do not meet the direct course entry requirements but require to take the PSE in order to meet the requirements, your English language condition for the main course will be updated once you receive and accept an offer for the PSE course. Once you meet all other offer conditions (i.e., when you have accepted an unconditional offer for the main course), you will be eligible for a CAS.

    The Admissions team would usually start their CAS process for the PSE course 3 months prior to your PSE course start date.

    If you received a CAS for the PSE course only (perhaps because you have other outstanding offer condition), you will require a new CAS for the postgraduate course. We have a dedicated adviser who will be in touch with you as soon as you start your PSE course to help you prepare your visa extension application.

    Due to the academic progression requirement, if you are currently in the UK, you will need to wait until you have finished and passed the PSE course before you can apply for a Student visa for the postgraduate course.

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