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Low risk nationalities

Information for Warwick students: From 4 July 2011, UK Visas & Immigration (Home Office) has introduced differentiation arrangements for students of certain nationalities that they deem to be low risk. A Tier 4 student qualifies for the differentiation arrangements if he/she:

  1. is sponsored by a sponsor with Tier 4 Sponsor status; and
  2. is applying for entry clearance in his/her country of nationality or for leave to remain in the UK; and
  3. is a national of:
    - Argentina
    - Australia
    - Barbados
    - Botswana
    - British National (Overseas)
    - Brunei
    - Canada
    - Chile
    - Hong Kong
    - Japan
    - Malaysia
    - New Zealand
    - Oman (after 6 April 2014)
    - Qatar (after 6 April 2014)
    - Singapore
    - South Korea
    - Taiwan (those who hold a passport issued by Taiwan that includes the number of the identification card issued by the competent authority in Taiwan)
    - Trinidad and Tobago
    - United Arab Emirates (after 6 April 2014)
    - United States of America

This list of low risk nationalities will normally be reviewed on an annual basis.

The differentiation arrangements mean that for Tier 4 students of the above nationalities, there is no requirement to provide evidence of finances, academic qualifications or academic progression to the Home Office with your Tier 4 application. You will, however, be required to confirm on your application form that you meet the requirements set out in the Policy Guidance and that you hold the documentary evidence in the format required. Please also be aware that these are the only two types of documents which may not be submitted if you are an eligible low-risk national; other evidence, for example, ATAS certificate, Parent's consent & evidence of relationship for under 18s, Financial Sponsor's consent to continue studies (if you were previously fully financially sponsored), and academic qualification for the purpose of meeting 'Academic Progression' requirment, should be included in your Tier 4 visa application.

If you are a low-risk national who will bring dependents to the UK, please read further information.

The Home Office will sometimes ask a low risk national to send them the documentary evidence. Failure to provide the evidence when requested by the Home Office will result in your application being refused. Please note that if you will be submitting your application through the Immigration Service ('Check & Send' Scheme) we will require you to provide all documentary evidence at the time you submit your application to us, in case we are contacted and asked for this information.