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UKVI Reporting and Curtailment of Student Permission

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Curtailment of student permission explained...

Frequently asked questions

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  • Curtailment of permission means that the expiry date of your Student visa is cut short (brought forward), effectively giving you a new visa end date.

  • This is usually the result of the University making an official report to the Home Office UKVI, against a specific CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) number which has been used to apply for a student visa. The amount of time by which the UKVI brings forward the visa expiry date depends on the type of report which has been made. As a sponsor of your Student Visa, we are obliged to make reports regarding any change of circumstances affecting our students.

    If the university makes any kind of report regarding your circumstances to the UKVI, you will automatically be sent a copy of this report.

    The Home Office may also use its own discretion to curtail a student visa where it considers that:

    • you made 'false representations' or did not 'disclose material facts' in order to obtain leave to enter/remain in the UK
    • you have not complied with the conditions of your leave (e.g. you have worked more than the number of hours permitted)
    • you no longer meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules under which you were granted leave
    • you have not maintained and accommodated yourself and any dependants without claiming public funds
    • it is not desirable to let you remain in the UK because of your character, conduct or associations (usually connected with a criminal offence or a connection with terrorist groups)
    • you are a danger to national security
  • The UKVI will normally notify you by email if your visa has been curtailed but you may also receive a letter if they hold information about your UK address. This postal or email notification, or its attachment, will let you know what your new visa expiry date is. Please be aware that the Home Office deems a curtailment notice as having been served as soon as the email/letter is sent, regardless of whether it reaches the recipient. We recommend that due to the risk of not receiving this correspondence (if the UKVI does not have up to date contact details for you or an email cannot be delivered/is rejected as spam), you should leave the UK according to our advice on the 'Withdrawals and Breaks in Study' page.

  • We will report the following activity to the Home Office UKVI:

    1. Early Completion of a course of study
    2. Permanent withdrawal from your course of study
    3. Temporary withdrawal from your course of study (including 'Resit without Residence' status)
    4. Failure to enrol (start) on a course
    5. Re-starting on a different course
    1. Change of course (if you are not required to apply for a new visa straight away)
    2. Re-starting on the same course (for immigration purposes this is treated as repeating a year)
    3. Change of study location (periods of study which are 3 months or longer and take place away from the Warwick campus)
    4. Delayed arrival date
    5. Completing your course in line with the qualifying criteria for the Graduate Route Visa
    1. Authorised absence
    2. Resit with Residence
  • Please contact us so that we can look into your case and advise accordingly.